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Heart of the Holiday

Five heartwarming tales of the season.

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    At Christmas, You Always Tell the Truth

    Nancy Brophy

    For a long time, spotlight-avoiding attorney, Janelle Jackson, has been in love with her playboy law practice partner, Matt Masterson. She is the stalwart brains, and he is the flashy muscle—a perfect partnership. At least, until her one-sided romance sends her into a tail spin. 

    She flies to Venice to visit her cousin with the hope she can recharge and slip her gal-pal mask firmly in place before returning. When she meets American clothier, Rudy Macon, his charming companionship leaves her dreaming of his kisses and wishing for more. 

    But how can she be in love with Matt yet want to be with Rudy? That question is answered when Matt surprises her at her cousin’s ball in Venice. She learns that Matt has been hiding a secret—a secret that will shatter her heart unless she can let go, face the truth and open her heart.


    Hope for the Holidays

    Ellie Lynn

    Christmas is the worst time of the year for Hope Hardcastle. Recovering from a disastrous divorce, every thought, every child’s voice reminds her of the daughter she was forced to leave behind. To make matters worse, her new neighbor is a handsome single guy, with a daughter about the same age as her own. Just speaking to either of them is an exercise in pain, so it’s easiest to simply ignore them and hope they’ll go away.  

    Joshua Michaels is a single dad struggling to get through the holidays after the death of his wife. He’s not looking for a new relationship, but the lady next door intrigues him enough to consider it. And a little feminine companionship would be nice, too. 

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, Hope and Josh are thrown together to get through the season, but when he discovers her darkest secrets, he’s determined to give her a holiday she’ll never forget.


    Seven Days in December

    Nikki Andrews

    A withdrawn, fiercely independent widow, Jody is determined to stay in her home, even in the dead of winter. But then an ice storm knocks out the electricity, and her generator fails. Faced with the prospect of a week without power, she reluctantly moves to a shelter at the local school. 

    After a hot shower, a good meal, and a game of solitaire with a little boy, Jody begins to relish being part of a community again. And then there is Bill Simmons, the volunteer with the twinkling gray eyes, who sees beyond the defenses she has relied on for so long. 

    As the outside world thaws, so does her heart.


    Noella’s Gift

    Donica Covey

    Holly Harper has hated Christmas for years. The season full of commercialism has left her feeling cold and bitter. When she finds a little girl freezing and alone she feels warmth spark in her heart. She's determined to keep the child until Christmas is over.  

    Jaxon Cole is a police detective whose Christmas spirit left a long time ago. He knows the season brings an increase in drunk driving accidents and suicides.  But when a dark haired woman shows up in his office with a little waif in tow he sees that there is some good in the holiday.  

    Will they find joy in the season or will their hearts be as cold as the winter winds?


    Underneath the Mistletoe

    Rebecca Goings

    Faith Jenkins has lost her faith in Christmas.  Not only did she never celebrate Christmas as a child, but last year, a few days before the holiday, she was dumped by the man she thought was "The One".  To save herself from further heartache, she's vowed never to let another man into her heart.

    Enter Jeremy Kitteridge, Faith's fun-loving neighbor, a man who adores Christmas and seems to adore Faith as well.  His sexy smiles and obvious advances are not lost on her, but she's determined to keep her promise to herself, guarding her heart.  Yet Jeremy is just as determined to show Faith the magic of Christmas come hell or high water!

    When Jeremy finally gets her underneath the mistletoe, will he be able to slip under her armor and win her heart?  Or will Faith be too afraid to take another chance on love?


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Heart of the Holiday

Heart of the Holiday

Five heartwarming tales of the season.

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