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The Killing Hour - ebook View larger

The Killing Hour - ebook

Midnight. A time for magic and a time for   murder.

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    She is an ex-cop desperately trying to deal with the tragic loss of her husband and infant son. He is a successful screen star sought after by starlets and fans. They have absolutely nothing in common.

    People are being murdered at Cedars Sinai. Systematically and quietly, a bolus of air injected directly into their jugular veins at the stroke of midnight. None are labeled as homicides and all appeared to be random.

    It doesn’t take long to discover that fate has brought Fiona Caruso and Simon Martin together. The answers are there but too discover them each will have to bare their soul to the other.

    Will they succeed or will the murderer make them the next victims of the killing hour?



    Over the chilly night, stars hung crystal clear in the cloudless sky. With an impatient flick of his wrist, he turned the ignition. Tepid warmth flooded through the vents. Stiff and cold, he lifted his palms toward the flow. All the while his gaze remained on the hospital in front of him.

    An ambulance screeched to a halt, sirens blaring. He watched through narrowed eyes as the paramedics rushed the gurney inside, the faceless patient tucked against the damp night air. The flashing lights highlighted the illuminated clock on the dashboard. Five minutes to midnight. In a rush of fury, he slammed his fist against the dashboard as the familiar anger and frustration burned in his gut.

    Someone would die tonight. It would not be due to illness, trauma, or from a surgery gone bad. The dreams told him it wasn’t that simple. No, the victim would die the same way each of them had for the past five years. Neatly and precisely. A syringe full of air plunged directly into the jugular.

    His fingers clenched the wheel. It would be here at this hospital. He felt it, knew it. He glanced at the clock again just as the numerals 12:00 flashed on its digital face. Right at this moment, a patient was being murdered.

    Worst part was, damned if he knew what to do about it.


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The Killing Hour - ebook

The Killing Hour - ebook

Midnight. A time for magic and a time for   murder.

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