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Hell Bent - ebook

After growing up in a military family, the last thing Mindy expects is a stalker. And with no interest in a military man, why is she naked on the California Cliffs with the MP assigned to her case?

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    Mindy is being stalked by someone with a vendetta against one of her older brothers and promises to kidnap her to 'make him pay'. After discovering that he is a military man, she's convinced that things like this are the reason she is hell bent against marrying military, even if it is five generations strong in her family.


    But the military policeman assigned to her case is smoking hot and hard to ignore. Shane Newhope promises to keep her safe, is it so bad that he sends tingles down her spine in the process?


    It is if you've told your brothers that you want nothing to do with the military, and they're convinced that a military man is just what you need.


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    Hell Bent - ebook

    Hell Bent - ebook

    After growing up in a military family, the last thing Mindy expects is a stalker. And with no interest in a military man, why is she naked on the California Cliffs with the MP assigned to her case?



    Distant crashing waves caught her attention. She followed closely behind, letting him lead the way more out of memory than sight. Her breath caught when they approached a rocky area over looking the Pacific Ocean. She took a deep breath and enjoyed the salty sting of the air deep in her lungs.

    “Have a seat,” he said, pointing to a large flat rock. “I’ve sat here for hours and have never seen another soul.”

    “This is beautiful.” She sighed. “If you’re after my heart, its working.”

    He took a seat beside her, then gazed into her eyes. “Well, that’s exactly what I’m after.”

    He moved closer, his eyes searching hers, giving her one last chance to pull away. Her heart thudded like a runaway clock. The butterflies in her chest were replaced with a warm fuzzy feeling that consumed her entire body. His lips touched hers softly and he waited for her acceptance before he advanced the kiss. His kiss was like feeling the rays of heaven. No matter her feelings against the military life, Shane Newhope was the man she was destined to be with forever. His right hand trailed around her head as his fingers massaged through her hair. His tongue touched the seam of her lips and she moaned in approval. Opening her mouth, she reached for him, enjoying the taste of him.

    The totally male grunt that rumbled from his chest was no surprise, especially since she accidentally lowered her right hand into his lap when the kiss escalated. Her eyes opened but she did not pull away and she certainly wasn’t moving her hand. It had been years since she’d felt a throbbing penis and she liked it.

    When the kiss finally ended, he looked first at her swollen lips then down to her hand that still lay on his shaft. She pursed her lips and ever so slowly moved her hand away.

    “I’m not afraid. I’ve been through so many deployments in my life that it’s second nature. That’s what bothers me. I don’t even go to see my brothers off anymore, they just tell me they’re leaving and we say our good-byes.”

    “So you think you’re a bad person because you don’t get upset if someone you care about goes away on deployments?” he quizzed, the confusion obvious on his face.

    That was exactly the way she felt. She remembered her mother sobbing when her father would go away. But her mother hadn’t been born into that world. By the time Mindy was old enough to walk, she understood that her dad would leave for long periods of time. Deployments were as much a part of normal life as going to work on Monday morning was for her.

    He pulled her into his arms. If she only knew what he was thinking. He wasn’t laughing, that was a plus. The pounding of his heart rumbled through his chest into her own. That was a good sign.

    “That doesn’t make you bad.” He smoothed her hair away from her eyes, then tucked a lock behind her ear. “That gives you an edge. You’re already what every military wife and mother prays to be.”

    “Cold hearted?” she asked.

    He grunted, rested his palm against the curve of her face and stroked her cheek with his thumb. “Not cold hearted, just strong.”

    “Well, it feels like I’m cold hearted.” She pulled her face away in shame and aimlessly brushed loose pebbles from the rock’s surface.

    “Trust me,” he said, leaning in to kiss her again. “The last thing you should ever worry about is being cold hearted.”

    She reached for his face as he moved dangerously close and she leaned toward him, meeting his lips with her own. He had no idea how long she’d wanted to tell someone the secret way she felt and have them understand. He pulled her into his arms, exploring her mouth like a Spanish adventurer on a Mexican coast. He groaned loudly, tugging his shirt tail from inside his jeans.

    He looked into her eyes. “There are some things I can’t do half way and stop. You are about to cross the point of no return.”

    “Good.” Her fingers traced down his arm. “You said that no one but you ever comes here.”

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