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Yesterday's Wish - ebook

Can making a wish change yesterday’s broken heart?

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    Samantha Wells’ heart was broken by the notorious cowboy James Norcross three years ago when he left her in a cloud of dust. She swore never to forgive him, but she cannot forget him. Her dad’s crazy will brings James tumbling back into her life. Wishing Wells, the well known Bed and Breakfast Inn will be Samantha’s only if she marries James. Her father has got to be kidding.


    Things get crazier, as James refuses to leave until they are wed, and it seems someone is out to hurt Samantha. In the midst of all the chaos, can Samantha’s wish of yesterday come true? Will she get her happily ever after? And is James the man for her after all?


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    Yesterday's Wish - ebook

    Yesterday's Wish - ebook

    Can making a wish change yesterday’s broken heart?



    James stared at her. She was wearing an old T-shirt with a pair of faded button-down jeans. Her auburn hair was longer, and he ached to run his fingers through it. Her green eyes held a glint ofher wild spirit. She was still as beautiful, if not more so since he had last seen her. He shouldn’t have come back to Sunset. Just looking at her tore at his heart. He had loved her so much, and she had shattered his trust. She was right--he was crazy.

    Why had he agreed to Bill’s plan? He didn’t need the water rights. But as much as he hated to admit it, he still had strong feelings for Samantha.

    She lifted her chin and pointed to the door. "Get out…now. Get out of my house."

    "I hate to point this out to you, but this is not your house, at least not until you marry me,” he said slowly, crossing his arms and leaning against the door.

    "I won't marry you, James. People don’t marry for property.”

    "Look, Sam, don't you dare tell me what people marry for. I know all too well what people will marry for," he said, clenching his jaw. Sure he had been naive. He had thought that Sam loved him. He had believed in happily ever afters, but that was before he found out the truth about her.“And it’s not always for love.”

    She frowned. "Just answer me this, even if I do agree to marry you, which I won't, what will you get out of it? You made it clear that you wouldn't marry for love so what do you have to gain from this little arrangement?"

    “I'll tell you what I get, darling. I get rights to the natural springs flowing all over the Wishing Wells property, in a mighty pretty package." He stepped closer to her. "One I can't wait to unwrap."

    Suddenly he pulled her into his arms. His heart sped up as he felt her soft delicate skin against his hard body. Gawd, he still wanted her almost as much as his next breath. “Come on, Sam, don’t play hard to get.”

    He knew he sounded arrogant, but he couldn’t allow himself to be weak. Not where she was concerned. She had broken his heart before, and he would be damned if she would do it again.



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