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Lovesong - ebook

Injured, Edward I's spy is rescued by an abused, stubborn woman, unwilling to trust men, but with a heart ready for true love.

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    Arvel Ap Brynn Ffrydd has served as Edward I's spy long enough and will complete this last mission for the wife and estate promised him. Discovered by his enemy he must conceal his identity and find a way to deliver his message. Circumstances force him to care for a widow, a beautiful, bossy and stubborn woman, then drag her with him only to find she has grown to mean more than the King's reward

    Catherine de Berford Javier, physically and emotionally abused by her first husband, refuses to trust men. Another marriage is the last thing she wants, but this man who claims to be in Edward's service makes her heart flutter. However, she believes she means nothing to him until he offers his love but will sacrifice his happiness to keep her safe. Fate, in the form of traitor, gives them a future together.


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    Lovesong - ebook

    Lovesong - ebook

    Injured, Edward I's spy is rescued by an abused, stubborn woman, unwilling to trust men, but with a heart ready for true love.



    Arvel considered how much he should tell her. He wanted to explain, but did he dare? Along with that concern, he had to ignore the arousal he experienced every time they touched. Sleeping next to her was going to cause him more pain and frustration than he wanted to admit. The need to keep alert was imperative, and yet this woman was toying with his abilities. He had to pull himself together and stop lusting after her, for that’s all it was.

    “This was Mountsorrel Castle. A hundred years ago, two enemies waged war here. In the siege that followed, the castle was destroyed. The few villagers who survived have long moved away. There are mayhap one or two who live nearby, but too far away from this place to bother us here. Few know of this place, so we should be safe.”

    For the moment she seemed satisfied and they ate more of the meat. Arvel could see her considering his words. More questions would soon be coming.

    “How long must we hide?”

    “I believe we’ll be able to return to our original destination in several days, mayhap five at most.”

    “Five! You think to keep me here for five days? Word will have reached my father by then. He will be frantic. Nay, we must leave here in another day or two.”

    Arvel gritted his teeth. He should never have let her pin him down to a time, especially knowing how she liked to be in command. “M’lady, I have to be the judge of when best to leave this place. I will tell you now that your father is being informed you are with me. I sent a message to my…ah…cousin, asking him to meet with Sir Berford and assure him of your safety. He will also explain why you left the manor. However, the problem of Sir Deemer will not be discussed. I leave that to you.”

    She looked ready to offer another argument when he tore off more of the meat and handed it to her. “Here, eat your fill. I must go see if I have caught any fish for our nooning.”

    He charged down the hill, certain she would be full of more arguments when he returned. He would probably have to kiss her quiet. The idea was not an unpleasant one.

    “Blood of the saints,” he muttered and he sprinted toward the stream. He didn’t need to think about kissing her. That was not the kind of temptation he should be entertaining.

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