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Champagne Book Group (CBG) has been open and publishing electronic fiction since 2004. Its origins began as a Canadian publisher.

Now under a new owner, CBG is a United States publisher with the goal and vision to deliver to readers quality books crafted with care and infused with passion that transport readers into imagination.

Cassie Knight


Cassiel Knight has worked in the publishing industry as an author and editor for over twenty years. She has taken her love of the industry far and is now the proud owner of Champagne Book Group, an independent small press that has been around since 2004. Champagne Book Group has continued to grow and now boasts authors in all corners of the globe. 

In addition to running a successful digital-first publishing company, her passion about the industry, craft and the business of writing, especially within the romance genre, has led to her actively mentoring writers and teaching numerous workshops, both in-person and online for Savvy Authors and several writing groups.

Kat Hall

Executive Assistant and Review Coordinator 

Reading has been a passion of mine since I was a young child. Stories transported me to other countries, taught me how people in other parts of the world lived—what they ate, how they dressed, what their flora and fauna was and how it impacted their lives, their culture and how it all differed from mine. Above all, spelling and use of words, punctuation, etc. had to be correct. 

I’m medically and legally trained and have worked at various positions, not just in those fields either. Court documents needed to be perfect, and that drive for perfection carries over into my reading of books and manuscripts. Spelling a word correctly, but used in the wrong context creates major havoc. 

I started with Champagne Book Group December 2004. I was the first slush pile reader and have been Executive Assistant to the Publisher, Author Liaison and Review Coordinator for many years. 

I still read many manuscripts. PitMad has been an excellent venue for finding manuscripts and great authors. As I read, I’m always on the lookout for a gem that stands out, over and above the other stories. The ‘one’ that rocks your mind and senses and won’t let go. Finding great stories and gems makes me happy to bring these stories to light. I want readers to live and feel these stories. I strive to find new authors that titillate the senses with their writing. 

I read almost everything. However, zombie apocalypse is not for me. I found I could not read this genre after trying to review a manuscript on this subject. I love romantic suspense/thriller the most. If the book is well written in other genres and has a great story, I don’t mind and enjoy being transported to another world and learning about people, places and things. 

Kylee Howells

Social Media Coordinator & Editor 

I am an editor for Champagne Book Group, and the Social Media Coordinator, a.k.a Social Media Goddess—I'll answer to either! I joined the CBG team in June of 2014 as a hopeful and innocent intern in my junior year of college. This ended up being my big break into the publishing world, and now I get to edit while working with the authors to promote their work. I love to plan our weekly blog post with authors and think up all the posts and events we can do using Twitter and Facebook. If there is ever a question about promotion, or just any inquiry at all, you can always ask me, and I'll do my best to find an answer. 

I graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Technical Writing in May of 2015. Currently I enjoy the warm climes of Texas, a drastic change from my home state of Minnesota. In between working on social media, editing, and working at my local bookstore, I enjoy line dancing, reading, and playing with my adorably horrible dog, Billy. I've been camping all of once in my life and realized it's not my thing. I prefer vacations with hotels, and I adore charming places to stop and appreciate life in. 

In romance, I am looking for historical and paranormal. The steamier they are the more I like them! Of course, I'll take the occasional western or contemporary. Anything where the main characters get a happily ever after. 

Nikki Andrews


Nikki Andrews has worked as a picture framer, craft store clerk, and administrative assistant, but in her real life she is a writer, editor, and song maker. She is a member of Talespinners and the New Hampshire Writers Project, and has published a cozy mystery and several short stories. When she’s not at her desk, she might be releasing salmon fry on the Piscataquog River, making jams or sweaters, or exploring her surroundings on foot, bike or snowshoe. She lives near a waterfall in New Hampshire with her wonderful husband, a possessive cat, and assorted wildlife. Nikki’s wish list is a live-in housekeeper, a roof that doesn't leak, and the body she had when she was twenty. Oh, you mean MSWL? There she wants well-written sweet-to-sensual romance with a strong subplot, whether mystery, thriller, or fantasy. Historical or futuristic, but please, no dystopias. 

Diane Badzinski


I can’t remember learning to read, so I assume I inhaled reading along with mother’s milk. And I haven’t stopped since. I’ve been editing for close to ten years, many of them with Champagne Book Group. It’s wonderful to have my hobby of reading supported by so many! When not reading or editing, I can be found walking trails in woods near my home, visiting with friends, and reading...oh, there we go again...on New Age spiritual topics. My wish list includes romances of all genres except horror, and especially historical romances. I like fantasy and mystery too, as long as there’s a romance in it to lighten things up. I love happy endings. 

Celia Breslin


Celia is an avid reader, multi-published author, and freelance editor (content, line, and copy). After leaving academia (where she taught for several years), she began her editorial journey in the early 90s dotcom boom, writing and editing Web site content, primarily for media sites. Her love for well-written stories lured her to editing in the publishing industry. 

Celia is interested in romantic fiction (all heat levels), urban fantasy, and science fiction (especially with a splash of romance). In all genres, she prefers character-driven, emotional stories with a strong conflict, quirky, sassy, and smart heroes and heroines, and a solid plot arc. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance are her first loves (Vampires! The Fae! Werewolves! Sorry, no zombies), but she also enjoys contemporaries with humor and action (military romance, romantic suspense), especially if there’s a tortured and tattooed hero or heroine involved. For science fiction, vivid and consistent world-building is absolutely required along with unique but believable characters. 

She lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. When not editing, you’ll find Celia writing her own stories, exercising, reading a good book, hanging with her family, or indulging her extreme addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies. 

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