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Eliza - print

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The best reason to leave home forever is a husband who wants you dead.

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    Posing as a widow, Eliza Danton flees an abusive marriage determined to live a solitary life on the Minnesota frontier. When she finds herself homeless, her livelihood threatened and her safety compromised, she must rely on a man who stirs a forbidden longing and jars her well-laid plans. As her world shrinks with lies and deception, the only way out is the truth, but the truth may strike a deadly price.

    Haunted by a tragic past Will Heaton vows never to love again. But a chance encounter with a mysterious widow awakens painful memories and a yearning he can’t ignore. When she’s harassed by the same man he believes killed his wife, he grabs at a chance to resolve past mistakes and possibly find love and redemption in the process.

    As Eliza and Will struggle to trust again, the past returns with a renewed vengeance, testing them in unimaginable ways. 



    “Days!” Eliza sputtered. “Surely that can’t be right.”

    “Are you in a hurry, Mrs. Danton?” Will canted his head.

    She sighed. “Well, yes, I suppose I am. What with the sun shining and cool breeze from the north, it’s a good day to land.” And begin a new life.

    “I once heard a riverboat sat three days on a sandbar.” Will smiled at Chet clasped tight against his body. “Happened earlier this spring, when the water was higher.”

    Eliza gaped at him. “What are you saying? We’ll be sitting here longer because the river is lower?”

    He gave a swift warning shake of his head and flicked his eyes to the boy. “I’d rather not say in front of the child,” he whispered. His secretive air sent prickly fingers tiptoeing over her shoulders.

    He shifted the boy in his arms and walked toward the stairs. Eliza chased after him.

    “What did you mean? What’s so awful you can’t speak it in front of a child?” Her voice sounded high and panicked.

    Will faced her, his expression grimmer than she’d ever seen. “Since this boat is used only for short distances it doesn’t carry much in the way of provisions. I’d say one meal at the most.” His brows arched with pointed insinuation. “You do understand what I am saying?”


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Eliza - print

Eliza - print

The best reason to leave home forever is a husband who wants you dead.

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