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Buffalo Hump - ebook

After the glow of gold fades, can friendship survive?

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    Jack Orion finds himself battling with unfamiliar fears and challenges and the discomfort of finding himself looked at as a minority group.

    Pete Cooper, a full-blood Nez Perce Indian from the Wallowa band, is Jack’s best friend and mining partner. Friends since high school, they’ve been searching for gold together for as long as they can remember.

    What they don’t expect to find are a life-changing chain of events that tests their relationship, fortitude and determination after their quest for gold is attained. Now they must deal with the reality and danger of how this changes their lives and the lives of the people around them.



    Jack spoke into the dark. “Are you asleep?”

    “No, I’ve got too much stuff runnin’ around in my head. We’ve had a pretty good run with this place and I’d hate to lose it,” Pete replied.

    “I just got to thinkin’ about the nugget. I hid it in your Dad’s barn, but I didn’t tell him where. If somethin’ were to happen to both of us, your folks could probably use the money to help keep up the place.”

    “What about your kids and your folks? Wouldn’t they want a share of it?” Pete asked.

    “I’ve got a good life insurance policy that’ll take care of them very nicely. Besides, the kids would probably just fight over it, turn into greedy little ingrates and start an Injun war somehow.”

    “Do ya really think so?” Pete chuckled.

    “It comes from their mother’s side of the family. They learned from a pro in the divorce.”

    Silence filled the cabin for a few seconds before Pete spoke. “We could get lucky and survive this thing tomorrow. With a good lawyer, we could be back in business by next spring, I’ll bet.”

    “That would be if we didn’t actually shoot anyone, though. Unless they shoot first, we’d be cooling our heels at the State Pen on assault charges at the least.”

    “I hadn’t thought about that. Damn. It’d be hard to hunt and fish in a prison cell,” Pete fake-whimpered.

    Jack laughed. “I’d be more concerned about becoming a boy-toy for your new cellmate, Carlos the Assassin.”

    “That does it. We’re shooting all of them in the morning and then high-tailing it to Mexico where the cops will never find us or our nugget. Carlos will have to find a different plaything, although I’m sure I would be considered a great catch.”


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Buffalo Hump - ebook

Buffalo Hump - ebook

After the glow of gold fades, can friendship survive?

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