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Elfin Nights

Four Courts, Book 2

Nothing in the world of men or fae will keep this Knight from his duty...or his true loves.

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    A fae Knight’s life belongs to the monarchies, but for Finn of the Morrigan, his life comes second to his heart. And his heart belongs to his ladies. 

    The changeling princesses of the Springtime elves share a unique bond with their Knight—a bond that must remain perfectly secret. When the Queen of the Elves discovers their passionate love, she curses and exiles Finn from the elfin lands forever. With their guardian sent away to a lifeless wasteland, the royal changelings have no defense when the unseen enemies of the Four Courts attack, and the House of Elves falls. 

    To save his loves, Finn will need to break out of prison, undertake a perilous journey across the lands of Thairy, face wicked creatures, rogue Knights, and one of the most dangerous monsters in the fae world. 

    The enemy will soon learn what it means to provoke a true Son of War.


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    Elfin Nights

    Elfin Nights

    Nothing in the world of men or fae will keep this Knight from his duty...or his true loves.



    I spun at the note of dread in Nineva’s voice. Her eyes gone wide, she stared at me. The flower dropped from her fingers, unnoticed. “You have to go back,” she said in a harsh whisper. “Back home…to the apartment. You have to go now.” 

    I tightened my arms around Neri. “What do you mean, lass? I don’t aim to go anywhere until you and Nerissa are well!” 

    “We will be fine, our Knight! In Tír na nÓg we will recover, but you must go!” 

    Neri twitched in my arms. Whatever spooked Nina, she caught onto it now too, and she turned her face up to me. “Finn, she is right! You must go, quickly, before—” 

    I glanced up, distracted from her by a sudden discordant hum, somewhere up above us. It drew my focus for a brief instant, but then seemed to fade. 

    “I’m sorry, milady,” I mumbled. “What did you say?” 

    “Finn, please!” 

    Nina was practically shouting at me, and Nerissa’s fingers grasped at my collar. I blinked at them, confused. Then the damned humming snagged my attention again. I shot a glare skyward and around in agitation. 

    “Can you stand, Neri?” I asked in a low tone. I eased her down to her feet, all the while keeping an eye on the sky. The sound never increased in volume, but all the same it intensified. My instincts bristled along the back of my neck. Sidling a bit to keep both girls behind me, I sunk into the simmering heat of my magic, letting it bubble and boil up through my limbs. Ready for attack. 

    “Girls,” I murmured, hardly noticing Neri’s small hands tugging at my arm. “When I say so, you must go back through the circle and close it.” 

    “Finn, no!” Neri squeaked. “Ignore them! She is distracting you!” 

    “Knight, you must run!” Nina pleaded. “Please, you must!” 

    “We’re about to be ambushed,” I explained. The humming surrounded me. It resolved itself, turning into…  

    “Wasps,” I grated, and I whipped around to shoo the princesses back through to Connlas Hall. 

    I realized then that I’d been trapped.

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