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The Alien Within - ebook

Captain Ethan Lutz believes he's helped save the world, but has he actually assisted in its inevitable destruction?

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    When photographs taken from the International Space Station show a saucer-shaped vehicle disabling military satellites, mayhem soon engulfs the World. Without satellites, the military is in a stupor. Hoping to identify the craft, the President of the United States tasks all government agencies to gather information.

    Two FBI agents, tracking clues that date back more than a decade, chase down the "who" behind the "what" that is threatening human civilization. Their investigation takes them from Washington D.C. to the deserts of Nevada, where they discover the threat may run deeper than anyone could have imagined.

    Humanity’s fate lies within a small network of people who aren’t willing to accept the new world order — and on the forbidden love one man holds for a woman and his personal battle to be human.


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    The Alien Within - ebook

    The Alien Within - ebook

    Captain Ethan Lutz believes he's helped save the world, but has he actually assisted in its inevitable destruction?


    Jason's phone rang and he answered it. "Agent Watson."

    The voice on the other end was barely audible due to static. "Jason… got y… report… took down… satellites."

    "I can hardly hear you, Director. You're breaking up," he said.

    "Jamming… ellula… been trying… you," the director said.

    "What?" he asked.

    "Cellular… being interrup…"

    "Are you saying they shut down the satellites and are disrupting cellular services?" Jason asked. The line went dead. "Do you have phone service?" he asked Amerisa.

    She removed her phone and looked at it. "No," she said. "It's a satellite phone, it should be working."

    Jason placed the phone back onto his belt. "That was Director Skull," he said. "I think he was saying they disabled the satellites and are now interrupting cellular services."

    Adam leaped to his feet and ran down the trail. "We need to get back to the trailer. Let's go."

    The agents hurried through the bush back to the truck. As Adam started the engine, he looked over to Amerisa, his eyes wide with excitement. "When we get back to the trailer, grab whatever you can from your car and toss it into my truck. We need to get into the mountains." He jammed the gear shift into drive and raced down the road.

    "Why do we need to go into the mountains?" she asked.

    "I have a cave filled with supplies and equipment," Adam said.

    "What's going on?" she asked.

    "War," he said.

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