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The Pact

She's walked a hundred thousand miles of old roads and forgotten country to catch her prey. But she has never walked alone.

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    Fleshlings and darklings… Rune-weavers and demons… When you walk in the land of the Reaper, who will survive?

    Serenity Walker has cast runes for as long as she can remember. Her teachers call her a prodigy, and her secret studies hold the key to unlimited potential. Once an orphan left on an old woman’s doorstep, Serenity finally belongs. But when her mentor is murdered right in front of her, her hopes of a home die with him.

    Her quest for vengeance leads her into a dangerous deal with a demon. Armed with its dark power and her own talent with the runes, she blazes a trail across the lands where ranchers and railroad men are kings, where the prevailing law is the law of the gun.  To find the man who reshaped her past, Serenity offers up her future. She’ll face a world where weavers are hunted down to be hanged, whipped, or burned alive...but she won’t face it alone.

    As Serenity’s mission takes her farther than most weavers are willing to go, she’ll have to decide who her true enemy is: the wicked men of the world, or the powerful demon inside her.


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    An Engaging Paranormal Story

    The Pact by Brantwijn Serrah is an amazing supernatural novel. In this book we are introduced to Serenity Walker. She's a weaver - someone who works and reads the runes casting spells. Serenity has aligned herself with a demon who resides inside of herself. She made a deal...a Pact, with the entity so that she would be allowed to use it's power to help her become stronger. But who is really in control? Her? Or the demon that is within her?
    Serenity has had a hard life. She was abandoned by her father as a child and raised by a woman who took her in and helped her to survive. Serenity quickly became fascinated with weaving and the cards. A man who became her friend, Jack, saw potential in her and called her a prodigy with the cards. When he dies she leaves with another to learn more about weaving since the scholars refuse to train her up more until she bends to what they want and believe. Her journey to becoming what she is is a dangerous one but it is the path that she chooses to walk. But where is the path ultimately leading?
    When I first started reading this book I had no idea what was going on so I set it down for a bit and then came back to it. Once I did that I became engaged into the story and putting it down again was not an easy task. The story moves rather smoothly between past and present. When I first noticed the shift in time I was a bit surprised at how smoothly the transition happened. Normally that would be a point of complaint for me, that the story just shift without warning but I found that I actually enjoyed the story more because of it happened so seamlessly. There are flashbacks and then there are actual moments of where Serenity is actually reliving what has already happened.
    She is a strong character and you discover why throughout the story as we are given several scenes not just from her past but as she is forging ahead to find the man who killed her beloved teacher and friend. There are moments where I became annoyed with her because she became stubborn and reckless. The demon is part of her and so he needs her to stay alive but there are moments of where she goes too far. When she does there are moments of where he actually lashes out at her. I hate to say it but I fully supported him in those moments and quite often in moments of where he simply shows his annoyance with her based on her actions and decisions.
    This is the second book that I have read by this author and I have to say that it is probably my favorite one so far. I enjoyed this book so much. I loved the paranormal, the mystery and the mixing together of the "Old West" with some steampunk like elements of just development and engineering. The author does a fantastic job with this book and pulls you in to a unique world that is unlike most that we have read about.
    I really hope to read more books like this one in the future from this author. I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. This one is definitely a winner in my book.


    Absolutely Wonderful

    I want to start out by saying that Brantwijn Serrah is one of my FAVORITE authors. You awlways get an amazing story that attaches itself to you and you can’t put it down.

    Get ready for another awesome adventure brought to you by Beantwijn Serrah! This story is jam-packed full of adventure, sorcery, demons, and more!! You will get hooked reading this, so don’t make other plans until you’re done reading ;).

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    The Pact

    The Pact

    She's walked a hundred thousand miles of old roads and forgotten country to catch her prey. But she has never walked alone.



    The monk stood in wait for her, halfway up the aisle—appeared out of nowhere again, quick and quiet as a scavenging rat. He glared at her with eyes brimming with mean shock and disgust.

    Witch,” he spat. “I knew it as soon as I saw you. Devil! Bride of—”

    Serenity threw the sigh of fehu at him, the sign of the cattle’s horns, and it caught him high in the chest to send him stumbling backward. The power issued forth a bit weaker than usual. D’aej wormed about in her head, suffocated in the holy place, sapped by the wards against demons and hollowed out by the ravaging curses she’d twisted back in the tavern. But the spell cast the insufferable priest to the stone, striking him down with a callous resentment, and she stalked across the aisle at him.

    “How dare you come into this place of worship!” he sputtered, crawling backward on his behind as she came closer. “How dare you—”

    “How dare I?” she snarled.


    “All I wanted was a place to rest for the night,” she snapped. “A room and a bed, and to be left alone. I didn’t come here to harm anyone. But somehow I get you, chastising me in the street, thinking to tell me what I can and can’t wear even while you sit there ogling, and I get your servants breaking into my room and burning years and years’ worth of study, and then I get a mob of your people screaming for my blood, planning on hanging me in the middle of the night. And you, padre, you have the gall to call me amurderer?”

    “The Lord will repay you in kind!” the priest shrieked. “When you come here, doing the devil’s work! Wearing his symbol upon your breast! Whore! Devil’s whore!

    She leaned down and grabbed him by the front of his robes, pulling him up to meet her eyes. “You’re right,” she hissed. “I do the devil’s work. I wear his mark. I traffic with demons, and I command their power. So it might have been wise of you and your people not to piss me off.”

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