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Love 'n Lies - ebook

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Is there a diet plan out there for Vampires? One where I can keep the cleavage?

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    Leticia is a vampire, and she’s just woken from a year long slumber to the unpleasant surprise that she has put on some pounds. A ridiculous thought, but her clothes don’t lie. So Letty sets out to lose some weight, does a little shopping and then goes out to see what’s changed in the year she’s been asleep. Being a titch lonely, one of her friends suggest a cat, so she finds one at a shelter and adopts it. However, when she gets the cat home he acts a bit un-catlike. Especially when he turns into a hunky human male cursed by a nasty wizard. Unfortunately, by turning Justin back to human Letty is now a target as well, and her comfy life is about to turn upside down.


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    Love 'n Lies - ebook

    Love 'n Lies - ebook

    Is there a diet plan out there for Vampires? One where I can keep the cleavage?



    Justin and I played on my bed, a habit we’d fallen into before my day nap. Moonbeams flooded my bedroom, across the bed. I scratched his belly; he mock grabbed me, back feet gently raking my arm. He’d forgiven me days ago. Finally. You have no idea how long a cat can hold a grudge. I couldn’t believe how much I had bonded with him. I enjoyed coming home to Justin, who showed me how much my presence meant to him. He always greeted me at the door, winding around my ankles to show his happiness at my return. He always seemed ready to cuddle and purr. He loved to sleep stretched out beside me. He didn’t care what I looked like. He didn’t seem offended about my extra mass. Like last night when I’d been turned down flat by some guy who’d told me he wouldn’t be caught dead seen with a fat chick. I still cringed.

    Let’s face it; I had fallen in love with my cat. I cuddled him up, planting kisses on his face, between his ears, on his head. He turned up into one kiss. Right on the smacker. An unearthly glow surrounded him, hazy with gold and sparkles. So bright I had to hide my eyes. The glow became a physical presence, enlarging until it forced me off the bed. I could hear sounds of pain, pleasure, fulfillment from Justin. My Justin! I feared for him. The glow finally died away enough that I could open my eyes.

    A glorious naked male lay there, on my bed. Exactly where Justin my cat had lain not minutes before. Oh Goddess, what a sight! He had dark hair in a widow’s peak, a small black moustache and goatee, beautiful formed small ears, white, white skin, seriously wide muscular shoulders, lightly furred buff chest, tapering down to a firm belly, furred very male groin, and long, long muscular legs. The golden necklace with an amulet that looked remarkably similar to the markings Justin had on his chest, twinkling the last of a spell, lay on his chest. It almost convinced me that, maybe, just maybe, this could possibly be Justin. An unenchanted Justin.

    Oh, oh, oh. Did I say male, gloriously male? Naked as the day he got birthed? Lying in the middle of my bed! My beloved used-to-be cat!

    He stretched and yawned. He blinked, eyes opening slowly, revealing those gorgeous frosted green, almond-shaped eyes I’d grown used to seeing. Justin eyes. A delighted smile curved his lips as he looked over at me. He winked, turned on his side and beckoned. Justin? The cat I love? He’s human? I held my breath, pinched myself hard and blinked hard. Justin, the vision, remained. “What just happened?”

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