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Serena's Fall - ebook

Heroes don’t do self-pity. Heroes get the job done.

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    Betrayed by her once-upon-a-naive-time friends, Serena, the last Water Fey, can’t touch any man she would ever want without dooming him to a hero’s brutal death. So she lives outcast among her own kind, caring for orphaned Fey children, casualties of an ancient war that broke magic and doomed the Fey to possible extinction.

    Now her friends are back, desperate to use her powers to stop the return of the greatest evil the Fey have ever faced. Prophesy says if she doesn’t magic-up a hero and bond him to a mysterious, mystical sword, the human world will be the next to fall.

    Two potential heroes surface—Lance, the free spirited surfer, and the doomed warrior Gramm. Both men want her, both need her, and both have a claim to her heart.

    But Serena’s tired of human heroes dying because some Water Fey said so. With her combat boots strung tight and her corset even tighter, it’s time to weave some new lines of destiny.


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    Excellent for anyone who loves Urban Fantasy

    So much fun! Great Urban Fantasy! I don't have much time to read for enjoyment so any book I read has to deliver. Growing up, I loved fairies and elves and read many stories about them. In older tales of the fair folk, fey are not all sunshine and rainbows and neither are the fey of Serena's Fall. The fey of Serena's Fall remind me much more of the gritty fey you leave offerings for if you know what's good for you.

    Serena, a water fey, has some serious issues. After being betrayed by her best friends, she closes herself off from others. When those friends ask for her help, she goes anyway, sealed in a corset of sarcasm and combat boots of snark. An old enemy has returned and Serena's help is needed to defeat her, however, Serena doesn't want to help and who could blame her.

    The writing is very polished and smooth. The characters are fun and engaging. The world is similar enough to our own for us to recognize, but remember: trust no fey over 10, the only nice characters are human, not every human is nice and if it has tentacles - run.


    Serena's Fall

    What's not to love? Serena's Fall is a fast paced, richly drawn tale. The heroine is full of angst, self-doubt and the kinds of powers that make her an ally her friends count on. The friends quip at each other with snappy dialogue and Serena's World is haunting. This page turner will keep you reading.


    Really good book!

    This was my first e-book. I normally only do paper. However, this book was so fun I will reconsider my choices. I hope this one comes out on paper because I'd buy it in an instant. I love fairy/fey type fiction, and this didn't disappoint. The author did a great job of describing the main character's inner workings from her thoughts to her flaws whether she was wrong or right. I even liked the subcontract to the secondary characters, and there was an unexpected character point at the end that left me excited. For the most part, the detail here was the right amount though I do agree with a previous reviewer who said a bit more background into the world of fey from the author's point of view would be nice. The author seemed to write as if the reader should already know some of this stuff. But fantasy can change from author to author. Still, this book was a fast read, and I didn't expect or want it to come to an end. I sure hope I don't have to wait too long for the next installment!


    Cool Story. Great Characters. Magic to Spare.

    If you’re looking for a Disney princess feel-good sing along, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a prairie romance where bonnet wearing nice girls go to Amish square dances, move along, there’s nothing to see here. But if you’re looking for gripping, magic-packed, kick-you-in-the-butt dark-fantasy where realistic characters struggle through realistic relationships while fighting all sorts of evil from the seven hells, then Serena’s Fall is your book.

    Reasons this story gets five stars:
    1. It’s interesting all the way through
    2. The three main characters, their friendship, and their conflicts
    3. The magic is awesome
    4. Exotic worlds, exotic characters
    5. Romance that’s not too cheesy
    6. Villains that keep you up at night
    7. You never know what’s going to happen next

    If you like all this stuff in a tightly written story, you’ll love Serena’s Fall.


    "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "The Lord Of The Rings"

    I'm not a genre reader normally, but when a younger friend suggested I read this "funky, sexy, steampunkish hip fantasy," I complied. I'm so glad I did! The story grabbed from the start. The author paints sensory magic with his descriptions. And his characters are richly drawn. And sexy. And really know how to dress.
    Pacing is very good in this great adventure, and by the end of chapter one we know quite a bit about Serena and Amanda and the tension between them. And their mission to help their other "sister" Chloe. We're then shown some of the women's paranormal powers in action- very inventive and cool. After that, the three young women take off to save the world!
    I can't wait for the next book.


    This ain't your daddy's fantasy novel

    I'll spare you another synopsis - there are plenty available already.

    Smith develops the characters quite brilliantly. I have rarely hated a character in a book as quickly as I hated Rachel; despite that I found myself mentally rooting for a reconciliation between the three at every crisis point.

    From a technical perspective, there are some stylistic choices that I didn't care for, but every reader encounters that. On the other hand, there are some verbal gems scattered throughout the prose that truly sparkle - enough to make the story worth the read even if neo-steampunk-fey-goth-fantasy isn't your usual cup of literary tea.

    Finally, I'm glad to report that Smith leaves many questions unanswered, and plenty of gaps in the backstory. I hope to see them filled in later installments. I hope even more devoutly that the backstory exists as a coherent whole in the author's mind (and notebooks), because "ad hoc" back-filling is always obvious, and always disappointing.

    I await the next volumes with bated breath. If you read Serena's Fall, you'll be waiting with me.


    Serena’s World is a cross between Human Reality and Methodical F

    I am not an avid reader and it takes a lot to grab and keep my attention. Serena's Fall captured and held my attention from beginning to end. I was sucked in by the descriptive writing the author used to place the reader inside the urban fantasy world of the Water Fey. This story is intriguing, captivating, and emotionally-charged. It leaves the reader with a connection to each character and a desire to learn more about them and their fight against evil. This is an excellent new series, and I can’t wait to read the authors next book.


    I Want to Live in Serena's World

    Serena’s Fall, a New Adult fantasy, blends Serena’s inner journey of self-discovery with an epic adventure to save her kind. Serena needs a hero. And the person revealed to fill that role turned out to be a surprise, both to Serena and to me.

    I loved this book, read it in two days, and am anxiously waiting for the rest of Serena, Rachel, and Chloe’s story.
    Serena’s not your typical fey. She’s goth and witty, with some very real issues. Who ever heard of a water fey who hated water? When I read fantasy, I expect otherworldly struggles, but what kept me grounded in the story was how human Serena was. She struggled with her past mom issues and losing someone close to her, while she worried about make-up, clothes, and boys. I could relate to the constant and very real tension between Serena, Rachel, and Chloe. I liked the way Serena was pulled toward both Gramm and Lance, without it being a corny love triangle.

    Going into the story, I had a little fey background knowledge, but MK Smith did such an amazing job of bringing myths and legends to life, I forgot Serena’s world isn’t a place I can visit. That she isn’t a girl I can know. And that just makes me sad. Can’t wait to read the next installment.


    Serena's Fall

    A fantastically fun journey filled with teen spirit and magic! The author finds his voice right out of the gate in this entertaining pager turner. Characters from the Fey world and our own are well developed and pop with an aura of authenticity, even in a fantasy work. There is no need for willful suspension of disbelief, for the worlds of Serena, Rachel, and Chloe develop with each passing page, effortless drawing you in. If you are a fan of young adult fantasy, or even if you just enjoy skillful portrayal of amazing, witty characters, you will find a lot to enjoy in Serena’s Fall.


    a paranormal thrill ride, and I loved the characters

    "...the three of us were as close as sisters. Then Rachel used her Fey power to break mine and turn me into a freak. She also killed my boyfriend."
    With that we're off and running through a world we know, framed by a world we've never seen before. A secret history, hidden races, and tides of fate that only Serena and her kind can see. Minutes into the book, a plan is hatched and we hurdle from adventure to adventure with Serena's fate and her sisters' hanging in the balance and an every-growing parade of heroes lining up in the girls' wake, drawn like floating leaves along the river of Serena's world-changing destiny.

    I struggle with TV these days because I so rarely like the characters. Even the heroes are often dark and twisty, not *likable* people. Serena's Fall was the opposite. I liked Serena, even though she has plenty of flaws. I liked Chloe and Rachel and Amanda, and even the villains. When Smith's characters are good, they're complexly good. Even when they're bad, they look awesome doing it. The author has given us a world of real young people with real problems in addition to their extraordinary talents, and I desperately want them to succeed. Of course, not all of them can succeed...and I was left with no idea which ways the plot would turn.

    Really, there was a ton to like about this book. Engaging dialogue, wry humor, compelling paranormal action sequences. Definitely a few scenes I will remember vividly for years. I highly recommend.


    The beginning of a new series filled with great potential

    As a reader who enjoys books primarily in the genres of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and new and young adult , I was excited to come across Serena's Fall, the first book in a new series that promises to create an interesting new take on contemporary fey. Serena, the last of the Water fey, is contacted by two of her estranged childhood friends, Rachel and Chloe, who need her help. Unsure she can overcome the bitterness and pain of their past betrayal, Serena struggles to reconcile her yearning to rekindle a relationship with her childhood adopted "sisters", and the life that she's created for herself in a home for other fey orphans. Serena soon realizes that the danger that Rachel and Chloe warn her of affects not only them, but all of the fey and the orphans that she loves. An ancient enemy thought long defeated is awakening . Serena, as the last Water fey and able to bind a hero to this near impossible quest, and her friends may be the only ones able to defeat this rising evil. Serena must battle her own demons while trying to figure out if all her allies are what they seem, in order to ultimately save those she loves.

    Serena's Fall is an excellent start to a new series , and leaves the reader wanting more. The world building is good , but I wanted more of the history and scope of the fey world. I'm sure that will be included in future installments , but it left me wanting a bit more elaboration. It is, however, filled with fun quips and fresh humor, and many charming moments.

    The character development is good , and what at first seem to be stereotypical angsty teenagers , gain depth as Serena starts to get past some of her old angers and actually see the perspectives of others and understand their motivations for past actions. There are several characters that I look forward to learning more about in future books including Amanda who runs the home for orphans where Serena lives , Lance the accidental hero with a famous past, the charming shark god Dak, and Gramm whose motivations for his chosen servitude remain shrouded in mystery.

    A fun, well-paced read!


    Epic Fantasy in Modern Times

    My preferred genre is generally that of high fantasy, set in a medieval landscape on a far away world. So when a friend recommended this young adult novel set in modern time on Earth I was unsure what to expect.

    From the starting sentence we are in the mind of Serena - the angsty, bitter thoughts of a teenage orphan Fey with a chip on her shoulder. The Fey live among us, and have the same problems - money, food, shelter, and plenty of "drama." Oh, also they eventually go insane and starve to death from lack of magic because their home dimension was shattered long ago.

    The author's use of language gives a phenomenal view into not only *what* Serena thinks, but *how* Serena thinks and perceives the universe.

    The first few chapters introduce us to the three main characters: Serena, Rachel, and Chloe, meeting and being forced to reconcile years of bad blood to confront a prophesied evil. During the tumult of their reunion and manipulation of each other to their own secret ends, the reader is bitten by shark teeth, shoved into the back of an Aston Martin, and catapulted into a fantasy adventure of epic proportions.

    Magic, ancient gods, dimensional travel, weapons of lore, and tons of thrilling action enticed me to keep reading and I couldn't put it down. My only sadness is that the story isn't complete, but I'll eagerly await the next installment.

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    Serena's Fall - ebook

    Serena's Fall - ebook

    Heroes don’t do self-pity. Heroes get the job done.



    I couldn’t stand still. I paced alongside the boxes and ran my nails down the cardboard. If I were a cat, my hair would have stood on end, and my tail would have twitched.

    Chloe said nothing. Her eyes darted between Rachel’s and mine but couldn’t find a place to land.

    I waited for her to say something brilliant, but I didn’t expect anything would make me want to be part of her Alice in Wonderland insanity. This was Morían. Morían Le Fey. The walking genocide who painted the White Isle in blood, broke the flow of magic, and decimated every Fey clan this side of the veil in a single night—oh, and started a war that killed millions of humans.

    Sure, we’ll handle her.

    Heat radiated out from my core, and my skin tingled as if I were breaking out in a cold sweat. But Water Fey didn’t sweat. I tugged at my corset and wished I had laced tighter. We didn’t stand a single chance in all the nine hells at fighting one of the most powerful Fey in history.

    “Well, I’m listening. But this is beyond crazy. We’re eighteen years old, not one hundred eighty. We’re barely old enough to even have powers by Fey standards. And the Incarnates, the most powerful Fey from each clan, who stopped her last time were thousands of years old.” I hoped I wasn’t sneering too loud.

    Rachel ignored me and threw her best you’re wasting my time look at Chloe. “So, where is she staging her comeback?” Her tone said she wasn’t expecting much of an answer.

    “The vision’s…complicated.” Chloe focused on Rachel, with less naked hostility, but her voice rose sharply. She chewed her bottom lip. Complicated my ass. She was hiding something.

    “So you don’t know.” Rachel went right for the kill. “Was it even your vision?”

    Chloe stomped her right foot. “Yes. It was.”

    The proximity alarm sounded in my head. Crash imminent, I decided to speed it up so I could go home. Chloe’s moment to take the lead had passed. If she had straight answers she would have spoken up by now. She had to be hoping we could roll back to the days when—details irrelevant—we’d have done anything for each other.

    Those days were gone.

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