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Silent Autumn - ebook

Power, absolute authority, and food. The East has the first two, the West, the third. And Taylor Female 8635 knows what is about to happen.

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    In 2179 Taylor Female 8635 is content with her profession as a cosmetics designer. She gave birth to the requisite two babies in her teens and now enjoys privileges beyond the norm. When stopping at a power station Taylor inadvertently overhears a conversation between the leaders of the North and the South. They have a plan to destroy the leader of the West in order to gain control over food production. When Maximilian Male catches her in the shadows, he uses her plight as his opportunity to leave the North.


    Together they travel across the country, passing abandoned and derelict cities, countryside inhabited by uneducated tribes, villages with a minimum of social organization and barren wasteland in their quest to warn the leader of the West.


    Without her prescribed medication laced meals, Taylor learns what it is like to feel emotions, to experience joy and feel heartbreak.


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    Silent Autumn - ebook

    Silent Autumn - ebook

    Power, absolute authority, and food. The East has the first two, the West, the third. And Taylor Female 8635 knows what is about to happen.



    When he first saw the female about to be obliterated by Randall, she cowered in the corner, but then she took control—his eyes moistened at the words—she took control of her own destiny and kicked Randall, giving herself a split second to escape. Suddenly, everything Max ever wanted came to him so clearly it was as if it had already been accomplished. He would kick back at his destiny, too.

    He headed out to the president’s car. “I’ll grab my PT and fill up the charge,” he said. His hands trembled as he removed it from the rear of the van. While he was at it, he removed the batteries from the other two PTs and slipped them into his side pack. All eyes remained fixed on the two leaders, no one paid attention to Max.

    Max bounced up the steps and into the store, grabbed a few power bars as he passed the counter, and headed out the back. Taylor stood outside, her back pressed against the outside of the building, her PT clutched to her chest.

    “You need to know what those leaders were talking about…” she started.

    “No, I don’t, and if you want to live, you never heard anything, got it?”

    “You mean I’m free to go home?” She pulled herself upright, squared her shoulders and faced him. “What’s going on? Why aren’t you taking me to a penal colony?”

    “You aren’t going home, nor are you going to a penal colony. You’re coming with me.”

    Her eyes flashed in anger. “I am not coming with you; I am going home. If anyone comes looking for me, I’ll tell them I never heard a thing. I slept through the whole meeting.”

    “Just by admitting you were here, you put your life in jeopardy.” Max took her by the arm, pleased by her spunk. “You shouldn’t even know there was a meeting. When Randall comes to, he’s going to report us.”

    “Why didn’t you kill him like he killed Hawkins, the storekeeper?” she said as she trudged alongside him up the hillside and into the woods.

    “You heard that, too?” He picked up his pace.

    “I did. I can be trusted to never say a word.”

    “Not too many people out today because of the early morning rains. Torrential, weren’t they?” He needed to get away before the others noticed him missing and did not want to waste time arguing with her.

    She yanked her arm free, though she continued by his side, no need to take hold of her again.

    “Don’t you even want to know what they talked about?” She charged ahead of him using trees to pull herself up the steep slope.

    “I got away from Randall, I’ll get away from you,” she added.

    Max grinned as he followed her.

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