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Only Sara knows the truth.

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    Life in the small rural town of Lawton, VA is everything you can imagine: wonderful people, beautiful vistas, and a peaceful environment to raise your family, except for one thing. The greed and vanity of a few men has exacted a heavy toll on the community, and those whose lives have been forever affected have no idea.


    No one knows, except Sara. In her subconscious mind, the nightmares that invade her sleep show the confusing truth and feed her fears. But she never verbalizes the haunting images to her husband, until the true sinister nature of the clandestine EW operation is revealed and the couple is forced to struggle for their lives.


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    Night Owl Romance

    “Davis lays down the plot in such a way that the reader descends deeply into this mesmerizing story. The book is difficult to set aside, and even more difficult to forget.”


    Love Romance and More

    “With a master’s touch, this author delves into a suspenseful story that literally knocks you on your butt and keeps you guessing from start to finish.”


    Fallen Angel Reviews

    "a splendid read that kept me captivated... It is on the edge of your seat entertainment. The cast of characters make this a powerful story that thoroughly engages beyond words."; 5 stars

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    Forgotten Children - print

    Forgotten Children - print

    Only Sara knows the truth.



    Mark placed his hand on Don’s shoulder “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. There was no way we could have known this would happen.”

    “The point is, I should have. For the sake of a story I put her life at risk. I just ignored the consequences. Now she’s gone, forever. I swear Mark; I never imagined this could happen...I swear.”

    “It wasn’t your fault.”

    Don looked up, first gazing down at the parking lot, then facing Mark. “They can’t get away with this. We can’t let them. We have to do something, now.”

    “We will. I promise you, they won’t get away with it, but we have to be smart about what we do. They’ve got too much political and financial power. Now that they have their fingers in the newspaper, they will try to stop the story from being released. We have to get credible evidence so that if they do step in, we’re ready to go to the Feds.

    I have a friend who works for the FBI in DC. Once we get the photos developed, we’ll write up what we know, and attempt to get it published locally. If we’re forced to go elsewhere, I’ll take it to him, but we need to get Digger involved, give him a copy of everything we have. He’s the only one in the local government we can trust anymore. He can still help us, as long as he understands his chain of command has been compromised, he can be our eyes within the PD. Once we show him the photos of the commissioner taking a payoff, and these pictures, he’ll have to believe us. He’ll just have to.”

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