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Final Solution - ebook

How far is too far?

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    Three stellar wars have stretched the ability of Earth’s ruling authority, the Council, to control the populace across twelve star systems. Unrest among the people threatens the oppressive reign of the government and they’re left with one option: to execute the Final Solution. Their grand scheme is so abominable; should the truth leak out, it could threaten stability of the Order and incite open rebellion.

    For their plan to succeed, they must depend on the unique talents of one telepathic man and his blue skinned wife. The couple becomes unwilling pawns to help the Council expand beyond Dominion space into new regions of the galaxy. They unravel lies within lies and discover the scheme risks, not just the New Earth Empire, but the very fabric of the universe. The destiny of humanity itself, and the quest to resolve the ultimate enigma of all sentient beings, falls upon the unlikely duo.


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    Mc Coy Reviews

    “I was most impressed by the seamless tale of battle with the human experiences of love and devotion to memory, even in the darkest of moments. The author effortlessly creates a landscape that is at once one of human love and powerfully expressive of personal might. I do not find a problem with the flow of love blended with science fiction as the novel progresses. Any reader with true appreciation of both emotional upheaval and rich science fiction battles will revel in this novel. I give Final Solution the highest reader rating due to its intricate and haunting interactions between lovers and enemies.”


    FInal Solution

    “This is a story that pulls at your brain, and your heart. Logan Riggs, our hero, fights hard for what he thinks is right, and he loves just as passionately… I have no minuses, or caveats. It’s a remarkably good story, well thought out, touching, and very worth every bit of 5 stars.”

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    Final Solution - ebook

    Final Solution - ebook

    How far is too far?



    The darkness spattered with flashes, micro explosions in the distance. Blaster bolts, bright laser beams, missiles searching for a designated IR or radar signature. Voices cried out, human, alien. Pain, agony, despair, and finally prayers. Debris, metal, chunks of flesh blown outward in all directions.

    He jumped from the bunk. "Cali. Get up, now!"

    "What's wrong?"

    "I think we've drifted into the middle of a damn battlefront." The ship jolted sideways. "Shit, take this. Put it on." He extracted two Envirosuits from the storage rack and extended the smaller one to his wife while stepping into the other. Logan raced into the command module. Bright lights, bursts of blue and red filled the view port outside the cockpit as far as he could see.

    "This is why he was here, the scout, only this time, looks like things are different."

    Cali sealed her suit. "What do you mean?"

    "See the blue explosions, I think they're Anpian, and I know the red ones are from Dominion forces. Appears losses are roughly equal on both sides. I guess now that I Corps broke the encryption codes of the alien communication channels, things won't be so lopsided."

    Seconds turned to minutes as the battle raged far off and all around the ship. "Damn, the front has spread everywhere. Didn't think the Dominion had that many interceptor ships left."

    Several craft from each side streaked by their vessel. "Logan, why aren't the Anpians firing at us?"

    "I think it's because their instruments tell them we're no threat. Our engines are shut down. We're on standby power only and our low-grade armaments are shut off. They don't fire at inactive objects, otherwise they'd keep blasting destroyed fighters and that's a bad use of limited assault resources."

    "I think we should leave right now."

    "We can't. Soon as we bring our engines on line it will light up the sensors in the Anpian ships near by, and they'll figure we've been playing possum; knock us right out of the sky."

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