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Swimming Corpse - ebook

A Blenders Mystery, 2

When Doll Reynolds decides to leave Keegan Bay Park and her Blender friends behind to buy a house, she faces more than their wrath when the evil homeowner refuses to leave.

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    Doll Reynolds, although being pursued by Michael to marry him, is forever expecting her husband to return. She buys a house so Barclay will have a place to plant a garden. Her plans are thwarted left and right by the homeowner who balks at all attempts to rid the house of her belongings. When Doll is injured during a garage sale at the house, The Blenders, though still peeved at her plans to move away, come to her rescue. Doll Reynolds is later interrogated by the local police when she and her friends, The Blenders, discover a corpse in the swimming pool of her new house.


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    Swimming Corpse - ebook

    Swimming Corpse - ebook

    When Doll Reynolds decides to leave Keegan Bay Park and her Blender friends behind to buy a house, she faces more than their wrath when the evil homeowner refuses to leave.



    My cell phone rang. Checking for the caller, I saw my realtor’s name, Rexford McCauley. “Hi, Rex, what’s up? Anything new?”

    “You’re not going to like this, Doll.”

    “I’m not going to like what?”

    Michael glanced at me.

    Rex hesitated a moment before saying, “Miss Logan wants to postpone the closing date.”

    “She can’t do that!” I said in a tightly controlled voice.

    “It’s that or you move in with all her furniture still there. She says she doesn’t have enough time to dispose of everything. I’d say give her an extra ten days.”

    “You’re joking.”

    Michael slowed as he tried to make sense of my side of the conversation.


    “Now, don’t get all excited, Doll. It’s not like there’s any urgency about your move, is there? You haven’t sold your other place yet, right?” Rex said.

    “It’s on the market. Keegan Bay is a desirable location. I know it’ll sell quickly.”

    “What can it hurt? It gives you more time to organize your own things.”

    “I’ve already reserved the movers, changed our magazine addresses, and I’ve made plans, dammit!

    “All right. I’ll tell her no deal.”

    “Tell her to get off her backside and get busy,” I said.

    “We’ll see. The other heirs don’t like the idea either, so I’ll call her realtor and let them know we aren’t agreeing.”


    “What was that all about?” Michael asked as I snapped the phone shut.

    “Stupid woman says she doesn’t have enough time to move everything out so she wants a ten day extension for the closing.”

    “What could it hurt? The place is packed with way too much furniture.”

    “Don’t you take her side!” The house was already mine as far as I was concerned. There was something about it that made it mine, an aura, an indescribable sense of ownership-possession. I belonged in that house.

    “I’m not taking sides. But if it isn’t all out by the time you want to move in, where will you put your things? I’d suggest you give her the time. Sounds like her siblings aren’t coming along to help.”

    My lips pinched of their own accord. My mind went in circles around the idea. Unhappily I picked up the phone and punched in Rex’s number. “Go for it. Ten days, and that’s it. If she’s not out, she’s dead. All right?”

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