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Heirs And Grace - ebook

Amazing Grace, 3

If clones are part of another attempt at world domination, Grace and Benedict must find a way to put the puzzle together and stop it.

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    Grace McKenna and Benedict Thomas have uncovered a mutation facility under the stark walls of Hammel Mental Institute, along with several clones of vital Global Solutions staff, including former the CO.


    Freeing the clones is risky, but Grace and Benedict needs answers – and the hard-faced nurses at the asylum aren’t talking. But the more they learn, the more muddled the plan gets. Grace is convinced another attempt at world domination is on the cards, but can she and Benedict put the pieces together before that happens?


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    Heirs And Grace - ebook

    Heirs And Grace - ebook

    If clones are part of another attempt at world domination, Grace and Benedict must find a way to put the puzzle together and stop it.




    I woke to fingers digging into my shoulders. For a moment, the nightmare and Benedict's worried face clashed and I flailed, but then his presence was in my mind and calm replaced the wild fear.

    “Oh God,” I gasped. Tears sprung to my eyes. That hadn't been just a bad dream, but an alien memory gained from the imprint I'd gotten from the mutation tank. I stared at Benedict. I didn't need to tell him—he already knew. He pulled me into a tight embrace.

    “It's okay,” he said softly. “I've got you.”

    It wasn't enough. I'd woken up from my nightmare, but there were others who hadn't. More than ever, I was determined to break the inmates out of Hammel, the horrific testing facility that had the gall to call itself a mental institute.

    Without a word, I pushed Benedict off me and swung my legs off the bed. I didn't bother dressing. I went downstairs, fired up my laptop and accessed the Global Solutions’ website. When Benedict and I had broken into Victor Callahan's office, I'd left myself a trail of breadcrumbs that would allow me to access their secret records off-site. It was a thin measure of security, but I'd take what I could get. Time was running out—soon GS would appoint another CEO and the company would be back in motion. I didn't want to find out what would happen then.

    The deep pain in my chest grew with each inmates' record that I opened. Everyone had been subject to terrible experiments. They'd been turned into something abnormal, with abilities that some might class as superpowers. Except there was no greater good as far as Hammel was concerned—just more power and control. I didn't need to know what their overall plan was to know I wouldn't like it.

    There was a file missing. I sighed out loud as I felt him enter the room. He responded with a sort of mental shrug. “I don't want you knowing what happened,” Benedict said. “Nor do I want to remember.”

    “It might be important.” Given the depth and strength of his abilities, I couldn't imagine it not being. “Why were you different?”

    “Because I survived the process?” His tone was bitter. I got a sense of disappointment mingled with a gloominess that bordered on depressive. He sat down with a thump, his expression bleak. “It was either a fluke or just sheer stubbornness. I was angry, Grace. Very angry. Then I realized what that anger could lead to.”

    He had an incredibly strong mind. I'd felt only a small amount of his ability and that had been enough to disable me. Hammel had used him to test others. Not all of them had survived. The guilt sat heavily on him, and this was not a side of him that I was used to seeing. I didn't like it very much.

    “It wasn't your fault.” I'd told him that before, but he still didn't listen. I echoed the statement mentally. “It wasn't, Benedict. I know you'd never have hurt them had you a choice.”

    “I should have been stronger.”

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