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Lanyon For Hire - ebook

Lanyon For Hire, 1

After wearing out his welcome on his home planets, Lanyon hires himself out to people across the galaxy in need of his specialized services.

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    Lanyon wore out his welcome on both Hobson’s Planet and Catonia, the first two planets discovered by Earth, after some harrowing adventures there. He now travels the second planetary system discovered by Earth, hiring himself out to people in need of him. His pocketmailer message to the planets: LANYON, FOR HIRE: WITH RATOR.


    On Malcosia his rator comes in handy when he confronts Gornish, the Tellurian space pirate and kidnapper. On the planet Guardon he is hired by both sides in a struggle for the soul of a planet. Finally, Lanyon signs on with fellow soldier of fortune, the Malcosian Predamor to resolve a planetary communications disruption emanating from Terbania, the wildest, most desolate planet in the system.  


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    A recommended shared read

    Lanyon is a 43-year-old, sexually promiscuous Earthling available for hire within the planetary system that includes Telluria, Argon, Vanadia, Selenia, Luthania, Terbania, Guardon, and Malcosia. He has his own Rator, a gun small enough to conceal within the heel of his boot. No job is too big or too small. From lover’s quarrels to political revolutions, Lanyon’s the man to call.

    This book is set into three parts during which we follow Lanyon, and a varying list of companions, as he takes on assignments. The plot-lines for each job almost always introduce a sub-plot and each brings new characters and cultures into the mix. Moreover, each section builds a greater insight to the web of planetary politics. The ease of understanding these complexities of plot-line makes me believe that this book is an excellent bridge-builder from mainstream reading into literary works.

    The inclusion of such things as sexual promiscuity, prostitution, sexual open-mindedness regarding a diversity of partners, a society that revolves around daily drug use, a religiously radical planet where the entire society oppresses women, and a main character still learning to cope with the loss of his wife and child are all topics leading to contemplation, and hopefully conversation, regarding the human condition. Lanyon for Hire is an excellent and enjoyable example of Young Adult Literature. While it may be controversial to include within a classroom setting, I would still recommend it for that use. I believe this book could be an amazing tool for relationship building when read in partnership with friends, family, or even within a therapeutic setting.
    Lanyon for Hire is unique in that this book can be as light or as heavy of a reading as the individual reader would like to make it. For those not prone to introspection or contemplation beyond the words the author has set down, this book is still a fun read. The story-line is not dependent on the literary commentary on the human condition. It is an entertaining book that has a high probability to lead to personal and/or global insights. Is it the best book that I have ever read, no, but it is the first Sci-fi book that I have ever read that I would consider useful to society while still being highly enjoyable. A definite recommended read.

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    Lanyon For Hire - ebook

    Lanyon For Hire - ebook

    After wearing out his welcome on his home planets, Lanyon hires himself out to people across the galaxy in need of his specialized services.



    The newly released inmates helped drag the bulky Tellurians into an empty cell. Lanyon imprisoned them with the force field and led the group of thirteen to the open entrance of the cellblock.

    They crossed the guard’s office to the door that led up the six flights of stairs.

    Lanyon turned to the group following him. “We’ve got to be silent now,” and he put his index finger to his lips.

    Jophena gasped.

    Lanyon looked at her, puzzled.

    “Do you know what you just did with your finger? You told them all to go…”

    “Jophena!” said Halmar in a violent whisper. “Lanyon, if you wish to tell these prisoners to be quiet, as I presume you do, you should do this.” Halmar took his second and third fingers and thumb and pressed them onto his pursed lips. “What you did… doesn’t mean that. It is an insult.”

    “Oh. Well then…” Lanyon pressed his lips together with his fingers and thumb, as Jophena giggled. He opened the door and everyone moved silently up the stairs toward the office of the Tellurian in charge of the spaceport.

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