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  • Rush

    In a world where humans are below Shifters, a tiger falls for a human...

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    Storm Child

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  • Rush

    In a world where humans are below Shifters, a tiger falls for a human...

Tides Of Maryna's Love - ebook View larger

Tides Of Maryna's Love - ebook

One water witch, one sexy marine biologist--will it be a cruise on the Love Boat or the Titanic?

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    "Single Witch Seeks Lonely Mortal"


    Maryna Duile has challenged her sisters to a find-the-mortal contest. She places an ad in the local paper, but when there are no immediate replies she heads for Olympus and an afternoon with her close friend Eros.


    River Braddock is a marine mammal biologist and he’s just discovered a new species of dolphin. What he doesn’t know is that this is no ordinary dolphin, but Triton, chaperone to Maryna during her stay on earth.


    Maryna’s first meeting with River is anything but stellar, but the more she thinks of him, the more she needs him and the more she blunders her spells. Once she gets into the flow will she win his heart or be all washed up?


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    Tides Of Maryna's Love - ebook

    Tides Of Maryna's Love - ebook

    One water witch, one sexy marine biologist--will it be a cruise on the Love Boat or the Titanic?



    He ignored the irritated frown and handed her the rose. “I’m River Braddock, I read an ad in the paper and I thought it might be nice to meet the woman with such a great sense of humor.”

    She studied him closely. “We’ve met before.”

    He shook his head. “No, you met the scientist and you got off to a bad start. I’m River Braddock, the man, and I’d like to meet you.”

    She took the rose and sniffed. Finally, she smiled lightly. “Come in.”

    “Thank you.” As he stepped inside the grand entryway, he was amazed at the opulence. “Nice place you have here.”

    “Thank you. We could step out onto the patio, I was just finishing my breakfast.”

    For the first time he noticed her clothes. The aqua blue of the sheer robe matched the color of her stunning eyes. Through the material he spied lace straps. The belt was loosely tied and when she moved the top opened slightly revealing perfect porcelain skin and just a tantalizing hint of her breast. He cleared his throat roughly and tried to force his attention elsewhere. “Sorry if I disturbed you.”

    “Not to worry. As I said, I was finishing up.”

    Jerking his gaze away, he scanned the room as they passed through and followed her back out into the sunshine to sit at the table. The blue of the ocean spread out as far as he could see. “This view is amazing.”

    “I know. Its one reason I chose to come here. Won’t you sit?”

    He nodded and sat across the white table from her. “So how has the response to your ad been?”

     “I was just thinking about that. Seems no one is interested in meeting a witch.”

    “You mean there’s been no response at all?”

    She shook her head. “None. A friend suggested I should’ve put my photo in with the ad.”

    “Now that would’ve been a mistake.”

    She seemed to get annoyed. “Why?”

    “Because they would’ve been beating down the door and you’d never get any peace.”

    Her smile was so brilliant it made a funny ache inside his chest. “Thank you. River, the man is ever so much nicer than River the ‘ist’.”

    There it was again. “Can I ask you something?”


    “Why is that you call me an ‘ist’?”

    She felt her cheeks pink and hoped he didn’t notice. “You’re an ‘ist’. A friend of mine and I were discussing men and were trying to come up with different occupations involving the water element. Included in our list were, ichthyologists, marine biologists, and so forth. Anyway, there are so many scientific titles I just call all of them ‘ists’.”

    Her smile was so sweet he couldn’t help but return it. “Makes sense.” It didn’t, but things were going so smoothly he didn’t want to spoil it. “You mentioned a daily swim. Have you gone this morning?”

    “Not yet.” She angled her head to study him. “This wouldn’t be a trick to try and get close to Triton, would it?”

    “No. I’ve taken the day off. I’m just a man today, not an ‘ist’.”

    Her laughter tinkled like a bell and infected him to join in.

    “I’ll be back down in a minute I have to go and change.”

    He watched her cute rear end wiggle up the steps, then he wandered around the patio. No matter where he stood, he could see the ocean. This was truly a beautiful spot. It must be nice to be the idle rich, to have nothing to do all day but sit and stare at the ocean.

    He heard the click of shoes on the tiles as she returned. Her black hair hung around her shoulders; there was a soft wave that framed her heart-shaped face. Her eyes were luminescent. He looked at her and wondered if all her clothes were the same shade. This time she was wearing a bikini in aqua. A little ruffled skirt was tied around her tiny waist.


    “Definitely.” He followed her lead off the back patio and out onto the white sand. She lay the towels down and slipped off her shoes. He watched as she untied the skirt, revealing her perfect shaped legs. A peculiar feeling stole over him. His tongue thickened and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. She stepped into the gentle waves and turned to look at him, her delicate hand shading her eyes. She was a water nymph come to life.

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