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Flower Of Passion - ebook

Proof that a man really can open his heart to a woman without bleeding all over the floor.

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    Aster Hampton returns home determined to overcome the nickname, Aster Disaster.  Marriage isn’t part of her plan.  A bride falling on her face in the church aisle wouldn’t endear her to the groom.  Full of confidence she steps off the stagecoach.  And runs into Adam McCallister.  The collision sends them into a puddle of mud. 


    Adam wants a marriage based on compatibility, not love.  Love reduces a man to a spineless being.  Lust, though, is fine.  Judging by his body’s reaction to the woman atop him in the puddle, he’s found his mate.  Her fist slamming into his eye only heightens his determination to have her.


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    Flower Of Passion - ebook

    Flower Of Passion - ebook

    Proof that a man really can open his heart to a woman without bleeding all over the floor.



    Adam had to admire the way the volatile chit tried to hide her emotions. She didn’t succeed, her movements might be slow and precise but banked flames lit her glorious blue eyes. He wasn’t quite sure what had set her off.

    During their wallow in the mud, he hadn’t been a gentleman.   But what had he done this time? Besides allowing his hands to linger longer than necessary on her slim waist? At least his thumbs maintained control. The desire to press them into the soft flesh of her stomach below the boned corset had been tempting. Recalling the barrage of wildly fired bullets had made him jerk his hands away.

    He didn't relish being too close to this female. Not when he had to constantly reach out to rescue her. But the real problem was he didn’t want to let go. Even now his palms itched to touch her, stroke her. To explore the soft flesh beneath the hideous gown. No doubt about it, he was attracted to the chit. And that meant Trouble with a capital T.

    Her long sooty lashes may be lowered but she was still glaring at him, even after he'd saved her from smashing her face in the dirt. Adam vowed that had been the last time he'd lift a hand to rescue Aster Disaster. Damn, if the name wasn't a perfect sobriquet for the little hellion.

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