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Golden Enchantment - ebook

Sometimes the most coveted treasure of all can be found right beneath your nose.

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    When her father dies, Andrea Alexander decides to return home to New Mexico and continue his search for a buried treasure of gold dating back to the days when conquistadores ruled the territory. However, she didn’t count on a mysterious figure shooting at her, a puzzle of clues and the involvement of her very masculine and handsome neighbour, Jake Houston.


    Jake Houston remembers Andrea as the scrawny little tomboy next door who followed his every move. When they meet again years later, Jake is surprised to find Andrea has filled out in all the right places. Tempting as she may be, he is betrothed to another with no way out. Fighting his attraction to Andrea as he helps her solve the puzzle of where the buried gold lies hidden will test his strength in more ways than one.


    How will these two, destined to be together, find a way out of danger and around their problems to realize true love?


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    Golden Enchantment - ebook

    Golden Enchantment - ebook

    Sometimes the most coveted treasure of all can be found right beneath your nose.



    “I expected you would come back to San Vicente eventually, Andy Alexander, I just didn’t reckon it would be so soon.”

    Green eyes sparked fire as his body sunk on the feather mattress, dipping dangerously close to hers and Andrea demanded, “I am going to ask you one more time - who are you and what do you want? I do not have much money but you are welcome to it. Just leave me alone!” His face was so near hers she could feel his warm breath against her cheek and against her will, Andrea’s eyes focused on the full lips beneath a peppering of thick stubble.

    “You really don’t remember? I am devastated, Andy, I truly am. After all those years of you following me around like a lost little dogie!” Blue eyes beneath the low-brimmed hat sparkled now as he reached a hand down to rub at his calf where Andrea’s boot had connected. “You still pack a punch, though!”

    Andrea looked at the man, remembering that niggling sense of familiarity she first experienced en route to the Royale Hotel. His gait was that of a man more accustomed to being astride a horse than walking down the street. And those blue eyes, so piercing and brilliant. Where had she seen him before? Obviously their association went back to her childhood since he knew the nickname she’d grown up with…

    “Jake Houston! You vermin! Lowdown, crooked snake in a cactus patch!”

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