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The Jackal Prince - ebook

Desert Princes Of Jikkar, 5

He is determined to save her--no matter the cost.

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    Yasmin is haunted by a malevolent spirit. She can hear its voice, feel its presence—and it wants her dead. Her only hope is the protection of the Jackal Prince, the very man she saved from death so long ago.

    Siraj Pramtash is overjoyed when Yasmin asks for his protection. He’s been searching for her for years, ever since she healed his mortal wound as a child. He never forgot her striking beauty—or her lavender eyes. Now that she is a woman, Yasmin takes his breath away.

    The spirit pursuing her rocks his caravan, but the Jackal will not be moved. In a desperate bid to keep her under his god’s protection, he marries her. But fate has much more in store for them than a mere demon from Kaldaeron.

    When the truth is faced head-on, the Jackal’s faith in his god is shaken, yet he is determined to save his princess—or die trying.


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    The Jackal Prince - ebook

    The Jackal Prince - ebook

    He is determined to save her--no matter the cost.



    “You must marry me.”

    “I cannot.”

    “You must.” His gentle fingers grasped her chin and turned her gaze to his. “Yasmin.” The soft timbre of his voice had her pussy instantly wet for him. Her eyes stung and her vision swam. She wasn’t going to be able to resist the Jackal for long. “Sabine has told me the ghost will overcome you. I will not let that happen. Marriage to me is the only answer.”

    Yasmin sucked her breath in sharp pants. She desperately willed herself not to cry. Terror at his words sluiced down her spine.

    “Siraj,” she cried, sniffling as a tear fell down her cheek. “I must leave you. I can’t stay here! Gods above, if that vision comes true, I’ll…”

    “Stop. Right there.” His eyes shot sparks. “Don’t you dare talk to me about leaving my caravan.”


    No!” The force of his voice shook the carav. “I have spent the better part of my reign thinking of you. Looking for you. Dreaming of you. You are mine, Yasmin. And I mean to claim you.”

    Siraj’s mouth cut off any more words she wanted to say. His attack forced her lips apart before he stabbed his tongue deep, swallowing her cries. But it didn’t take long before her hands were on his shoulders, wandering up his neck and threading through his hair.

    She tugged, just hard enough to cause a little pain. Siraj pulled back with a grunt, but his eyes refused to let her go.

    “The ghost is too dangerous,” she whispered. “I cannot risk the safety of your people.”

    “The safety of my people is for me to decide,” he replied. “And I know that my god will protect you.”

    “But…the Viper Princess had a vision!”

    Siraj framed her face with his hands. “When I was seventeen, I saw a vision too, of a lovely young girl with amazing eyes. She saved me from the brink of death. I asked my god if he would see fit to give her to me. And he did. The god of Jackals did not fail me. The god of Jackals will not fail me. He will not fail us.” Siraj gave her a gentle peck on the lips. “Trust me, Yasmin. I want to give you a home.” He gave her another peck. “And a last name.”

    If there were any doubts she was in love with the Jackal Prince, Siraj had just laid them to rest. Twin tears fell from her eyes as she stared at him, trying hard to calm her raging emotions.

    “I don’t want to leave you,” she confessed.

    “Then stay.”

    “I’m so scared.”

    “I will protect you with my very life.”

    She released a single sob. “I want to be your princess. I want to stay with you. I want to ride the dunes and be…normal.”

    He swept her tears away with the pads of his thumbs and gave her a slow grin. “Then marry me. Warm my bed. Bear my children. Fulfill my life.”

    “Promise me, Siraj, please? I need you to promise you’ll keep me safe.”

    “My dear girl,” he whispered, his breath hot upon her lips. “That is what wedding vows are for.”


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