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The Spider Prince - ebook

Desert Princes of Jikkar, 4

He vowed never to love again. Then he met her.

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    Amani Bantish has been passed over five times for marriage. She fears she has no hope for a husband until finally, the Spider Prince accepts her as his bride. Not for love, but to bear him an heir.

    Two years ago, Ziyad Bihar lost his first wife, Karis, and their unborn son under the hooves of a raider’s horse. No one else could possibly compare to the woman he’d once loved, therefore his new bride will not be his princess.

    But Ziyad cannot deny that the more he gets to know Amani, the more he fantasizes about his minx of a wife. Yet his loyalty to Karis pulls him deeper into his despair. When Amani’s life is threatened by the very man responsible for Karis’s death, Ziyad realizes he must fight for the woman he loves, or risk losing it all again.


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    The Spider Prince - ebook

    The Spider Prince - ebook

    He vowed never to love again. Then he met her.



    “You don’t believe that I think you’re beautiful.”

    “I’m sure that you do,” she answered. “You wouldn’t want ugly sons.”

    “That’s not funny.”

    “I’m not laughing.”

    Ziyad’s eyes were on fire as he gazed down at her. “Karis was indeed beautiful, but if memory serves, I flirted with you on occasion, before I married her. I thought you were adorable.” She tried to look away, but his palms on her cheeks stopped her. “Don’t hide from me.”

    “Please don’t say things like that.”

    “Like what?” he challenged. “That I’ve always believed you to be a beauty? That I know you wish I’d married you instead of her?”

    Amani’s temper burned hot. She yanked away from Ziyad and gave him a scalding glare. “Yes, Spider, I do wish it. Only because it would be me in that grave. Then you would be with Karis right now, and you wouldn’t have to be in so much pain!”

    With one stride, he stepped close and wrapped his arm around her waist. The other hand buried itself in her hair. He didn’t say a word, nor did he hesitate. His lips were on hers before she could form another thought. Amani whimpered and he took advantage of her shock, forcing her mouth open with his tongue.

    She couldn’t think much beyond his assault. Every one of her senses was filled with him. She couldn’t escape, all she could do was hold onto his robes and hope she didn’t crumple at his feet.

    So many times she’d dreamt of kissing the Spider, but she never knew how much the reality would rock her, lost in his arms while his mouth claimed hers. It was difficult, keeping up with him. But the taste of him was unlike anything she’d ever imagined—sweet, yet succulent at the same time. The Spider’s mouth scorched her, burning her from the inside out.

    Ziyad pulled away just enough to whisper, “Say my name, Amani.”


    He kissed her again, brutally this time, bringing her down to press her into the hot sand. Amani squealed with surprise, but didn’t try to stop him. She could no longer see his caravs, but that didn’t mean they weren’t over the next dune.

    “Say it,” he commanded again, this time leaving a trail of wet fire down her neck.

    “I will not. I cannot!”

    He bit her. Gods, but she cried out at the sensation of his teeth where her neck met her shoulder. Her clit throbbed and her pussy was wet. Ziyad’s use of sensual force had her heart racing and her body willing for his cock.

    “We must…we must return…to your caravan. Spider!”

    “Not until you say my name. Have no fear, woman, I will make you say it.”

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