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The Falcon Prince - ebook

Desert Princes Of Jikkar, 3

He’ll teach her exactly how to please a man.

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    Zara Nedal is blind, yet through her magic, she can make stunning pieces of jewelry. In order to sell them, she must travel to Suridesh, but only a caravan prince can take her. And only one caravan prince will do--the Falcon.


    Khalil Dehriq has had his eye on Zara for three cycles. It’s been a long time since he’s taken a lover, but she cannot see the horrible scars that mar his body. Khalil isn’t sure if that’s a blessing--or a curse.


    As they ride the dunes, their passion heats the night and ignites their hearts. But the witch called Mother has different plans, and vows to kill Khalil at any cost. The only hope to save his throne is to conceive an heir, and now the Falcon must decide if Zara’s love is enough to heal his tortured soul.


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    The Falcon Prince - ebook

    The Falcon Prince - ebook

    He’ll teach her exactly how to please a man.




    “What?” she asked, somewhat breathless.

    Khalil’s cock sprang to life, and he remembered how he wanted to always keep her breathless. He turned her face toward him.

    “Keep clutching the reins, Zara, don’t let go of them, understand?”

    She nodded, questioning him with her expression.

    He couldn’t hold back any longer. His mouth closed over hers. She gasped, but kissed him in return, totally surrendering to his tongue.

    She tasted magnificent. The faint hint of their breakfast greeted him, along with her own flavor, tangy, yet sweet. When her tongue rolled over his, he became more forceful, demanding she keep up with his onslaught.

    Sweet god of Falcons, but he wanted to wrap himself around her and make love to her right here on the bench. Could he drive the caravan with Zara bobbing on his lap? He groaned at his erotic thought.

    “Should we be doing this?” she asked against his lips.

    “Probably not,” he replied, kissing across her cheek to her ear. “But I couldn’t resist kissing you. You’re so damn beautiful, woman, driving my caravan.”

    She shuddered. “Khalil…”

    His arm curled around her waist, bringing her body flush with his. “Tonight, Zara, I will teach you a new kind of magic.”

    She still held the reins, but the carav didn’t deviate from their path. “What magic is that?” she asked, panting.

    He smiled and licked her lips with his tongue. “The magic of my mouth. I want to taste your body.”


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