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The Scarab Prince - ebook View larger

The Scarab Prince - ebook

Desert Princes Of Jikkar, 2

His punishment is her pleasure…

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    Trianna Pramtash must be punished for her assault on the Viper Prince’s intended bride.  Not wishing to do so himself, the Viper gives her to his best friend, the Scarab Prince, to mete out her sentence--the one man who’s held Trianna’s heart since childhood.


    Qadir Hadmas is overjoyed Trianna no longer belongs to the Viper. His heart broke years ago when she left Suridesh engaged to his best friend--but she never married Tariq.  She belongs to him now, and he’s not about to let her go.


    Neither of them is prepared for the sensual delights Trianna’s punishments turn out to be.  Their fragile childhood bond turns into a raging inferno--one they cannot deny.   But when Trianna is taken from him in a spectacular sandstorm, it is up to the Scarab Prince to claim the woman he has always wanted, and make her his in truth.


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    The Scarab Prince - ebook

    The Scarab Prince - ebook

    His punishment is her pleasure…



    Qadir stood once more.  “You are a virgin!”

    The disbelief in his voice made her cringe.  Trianna had seen twenty-five cycles.  Well past time to have lain with a man.

    “Does this bother you, Highness?” she asked.

    “Trianna, why didn’t you tell me?”

    “I just did.”

    He heaved a sigh.  “By the gods.”

    “I am sorry I offended you.”  Her backbone melted and she shrank away from him.  But in her small cell, there wasn’t anywhere to go but against the wall.

    “I am not offended, just…taken aback.  If I punish you in this way, you might be jaded against being with a man.”

    “Only because I have experienced the touch of the Scarab Prince.  I imagine no one else’s could compare.”

    Suddenly, Qadir took her hands and yanked her off the cot until she’d fallen against him with a cry.  He was tall, but she was able to see the emotion raging in his eyes.  His palms wandered to her ass, where he deftly cupped her, lifting her higher against him.

    “How do you know you will feel pleasure, princess?”

    “Because every time you touch me, I rejoice.”

    With a primal growl, Qadir backed her against the bars and pressed his body against her. 

    “You are provoking me.”  His lips were close, so very close to hers.  The puff of his warm breath had her clit begging for his touch.  The moment his knee came between her legs she gasped loudly, reveling in the contact.

    “I am merely being honest,” she countered, shocked at how wet she was.  Her hands itched to fly into his hair.  “May I touch you?”

    “No.”  His word was more of a sharp bark than a spoken command.


    “No,” he repeated, breathless.  “Put your hands above your head.”

    Trianna knit her brows, but did as he said.

    “Hold the bars.”

    Her hands grasped the bars as she stared into his handsome face, so close to hers.  If she just leaned forward…

    Their lips barely touched before Qadir yanked away roughly.  His countenance was harsh, she had a suspicion he wasn’t as calm as he appeared.

    “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “I apologize, my prince,” she whispered. 

    Touching me includes my mouth.”

    “I had to do it.”


    “Because I had to know if you tasted the same as I remember.”

    He arched a brow.  “You must be punished for disobeying me.”

    “Kiss me first, Scarab.  Then punish me,” she pleaded.

    He mulled her words for a mere fraction of a second before his mouth took hers in a rough kiss.  Trianna squealed at his assault, but didn’t release his lips before his tongue stabbed into mouth, demanding her submission.

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