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Warrior King - ebook

Elizabeth learns the hard way that not believing in time travel doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

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    An archeologist, Elizabeth Wishbon starts her day with the excitement of exploring a thirteenth century castle.


    What she finds within the ruins is a stash of treasure in a hidden passage, containing a one-of-a-kind hourglass. Elizabeth doesn’t believe in time travel and isn’t prepared for the strange voices outside the door. But what other explanation can there be?


    When reality slaps her in the face, she is forced to admit the unthinkable; she is in another century. She wants nothing more than to find her way home. That is, before she meets archer Domrick Brideman. He is everything she has ever wanted in a man. Is she willing to give up life as she knows it to stay with Domrick? Is staying even an option, or has she started an unstoppable chain reaction?


    Where will Elizabeth be when the last flake filters through the hourglass?


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    Warrior King - ebook

    Warrior King - ebook

    Elizabeth learns the hard way that not believing in time travel doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.



    Elizabeth’s eyes moved around the small wooden hut. She could only imagine how dreadful winter had to be living within the small, open space. There was probably a reason that the hut had smelled like his horse—the horse and cow had probably stayed inside to add heat to the hut.

    She wasn’t sure she was willing to live this way forever; not even for a man like Domrick. The front door opened and her eyes captured the movement. Domrick was back from the jake. The jake was the toilet and such thoughts reminded her of why she wanted to go home. Domrick’s masculine chest however, made her forget it all. He was a spectacular specimen of man and no amount of time could change that.

    “You have hungry eyes,” he explained as he involuntarily flexed his biceps and pectoral muscles.

    She cleared her throat with a serious nod. “If you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d understand why.”

    He looked down his naked chest, to his tights. “Surely your eyes do not see differently than mine.”

    She sat up, straightened her back from where she’d leaned against the table. There was a masculine quality about him that she’d never seen before. There was even a smell; what she believed was pure testosterone that drove her crazy. She stumbled her way from the stool and walked slowly toward him, her core pulsing in a delightful sensation that left her consumed with wetness.

    He locked his eyes on her as she advanced and she swore that it felt like his hands were already on her. A sensation of heat exploded in her stomach when she pressed her hands onto his chest and leaned in to kiss him. She could only hope that time didn’t rip her away before she got enough of him.

    He exhaled a masculine grunt and met her lips with an open mouthed kiss. His tongue swept slowly, deeply into her warm mouth time after time. She trembled from the sheer sensuality of the action. She pulled her palms down his chest, onto his abdomen when he released the kiss. She met his eyes then leaned in to kiss his neck.

    The fire was warm on her back, but he was so hot on her lips that he threatened to combust. She squatted in front of him then maneuvered herself onto her knees. Her fingers fumbled with the three buttons on his tights and she sighed when she succeeded.

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