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Reconcilable Differences - ebook

The search for sexual advice turns a friendship into something more than expected.

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    Frustrated by the decline of her sex life, coupled with her husband’s reluctance to address the issue, Julie asks her friend for advice. But what begins as a simple request for advice evolves into a girl’s weekend getaway, and thanks to Darlene the weekend turns into a torrid love affair. In the blink of an eye Julie finds herself questioning her values, her judgment, and most important her loyalty to her husband and family. She also enjoys the best sex she has ever experienced, from a surprising source.


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    Reconcilable Differences - ebook

    Reconcilable Differences - ebook

    The search for sexual advice turns a friendship into something more than expected.



    "You didn't really invite somebody over did you?"

    "What's the matter, the idea scares you?"

    Julie shook her head and looked at Darlene.

    "I don't think I want to do that to Bruce…" Her voice trailed off.

    "Ha! That means you don't want to do that, but the idea of being ravished by a big hunk turns you on."

    Julie thought about that a minute. She had to admit the idea did trigger a yearning within her. She blushed slightly and laughed.

    "Yeah, I guess it does. What about you?"

    "Hell yes, girl, but I'm always turned on anyhow. Do me a favor and reach that towel behind you. I'll hold your wine."

    "Sure." Julie picked the towel from the deck, handing it to Darlene, whose hands were full with the wine glasses.

    "Whoops! Wait..," Julie laughed. "Well I guess we're a pair! Give me one of the wines, Okay, here's the towel, now give me the other wine. Ta da!" Julie rested her back against the pool side holding both glasses of wine while Darlene patted her face dry.

    "Your turn." Darlene said, "You want the towel?"

    "No, thank you, I'm good."

    Darlene tossed the towel over Julie's head to the pool deck. "Ah, that's better. Now for some more wine!"

    Julie held a glass of wine out and Darlene moved past the offered wine, placing her hand on the back of Julie's head, She pulled Julie's head to hers and kissed her.

    Darlene's lips were soft, warm, inviting, but they were Darlene's! She pulled back, and they stared at each other. Julie unconsciously licked her lips, tasting Darlene's lipstick. Cherry. Her heart beat was in her throat, she also felt something else, an emptiness in the pit of her stomach, or maybe that sinking feeling you would feel when you were a child, right as you got caught doing something bad. What would it be like to hold her, to feel her body?

    The desire to embrace Darlene darted through her thoughts; it had been so long since Bruce just hugged or cuddled her. No! She couldn't do it. Emotions swirled through her mind, pulling her in different directions. Maybe it would be okay if she didn't resist, that wouldn't be the same as actually wanting to do it. Julie shifted her gaze from Darlene's eyes to her body. In the weak moonlight she could see her breasts were inches away, her nipples protruding. She felt her own aching and knew they were just as hard.

    Darlene's hands rested lightly on Julie's shoulders, she moved them slowly down Julie's arms to the wine glasses in her hands, taking them from her to sit on the pool deck. Julie turned toward Darlene her eyes wide, her hands held out in front as if she still held the wine. Darlene took her hands in hers, gently pulling Julie toward her. Julie trembled, not wanting to go to her but knowing somewhere inside a part of her wanted to be forced, to have the choice taken away.

    "I heard somewhere this works better with two, this time, kiss me back," Darlene said, her voice low and throaty. Julie stood motionless; she couldn't make herself start this on her own.

    Their bodies came together, lips first, followed by their arms wrapping around, holding, squeezing. A low groan came from deep inside Julie. Darlene's lips felt so soft, her mouth so hot.


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