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Honorable Lies - ebook

When the lie hurts worse than the truth…how do you fix it?

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    Kelly Bingham loves Joseph Hill so much it hurts; the feeling is mutual. But when Joseph’s ex-girlfriend, Tina, comes to town with a baby, things complicate quickly. Joseph arranges to talk to Tina about the baby and tells Kelly what he thinks is an honorable lie. He doesn't want Kelly to worry until the paternity results arre available. But would he have told the same story if he knew that Kelly already knew about Tina and the baby?


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    Honorable Lies - ebook

    Honorable Lies - ebook

    When the lie hurts worse than the truth…how do you fix it?



    Kelly fought tears that won their way down her face. “I asked you where you were. You didn’t answer me. Where are you Joseph?”

    There were no words for how she’d felt when she turned into the apartment complex parking lot to see his truck parked there. When her eyes found him sitting in front of a pair of double windows in apartment seventy-two, fear leapt into her throat. When Tina touched him and trailed her hand along the back of his head in a slow,

    tender touch, Kelly knew her fear was a reality.

    “Baby, I’m on my way to base. You sound like you think I’m lying to you.”

    “No. I know you’re lying to me.” She wiped away her tears. “I’m trying to figure out why.”

    “Why do you think I’m lying?” his voice was strained.

    “Because I’ve been talking to you for almost four minutes and three and a half of them you’ve been pacing that sidewalk trying to figure out what to say.”

    He jerked his face toward the parking lot. Kelly flipped on the interior light of her car and waved. “What? Did you think I was lying to you too?”

    He snapped the phone closed then walked toward her. She closed her phone, stepped outside the car and waited. If someone had told her yesterday Joseph would be at another woman’s house tonight she would have laughed in their face.

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