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Hive - ebook

Luke’s street-smarts must keep him alive long enough to separate friend from foe in an eternal conflict revolving around the Hive.

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    For centuries the Hive has waged a secret war, pitting psychic powers against the monstrous appetites of the Silencers.  Now its visionary leader has an ambitious plan to tip the balance, and the conflict threatens to boil over onto the streets of modern day London.


    Nineteen-year-old Luke is thrust into the conflict when he foils an assassination attempt on the charismatic Dr. Jean-Paul Lysayer, a world renowned expert on telepathy.  Down on his luck, and torn between an old flame and blossoming desire, the last thing Luke needs is to be used as a pawn in the eternal conflict.


    But the Hive needs Luke's unique abilities, and when he uncovers evidence of a conspiracy it will take all his street-smarts to stay alive long enough to separate friend from foe.


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    Hive - ebook

    Hive - ebook

    Luke’s street-smarts must keep him alive long enough to separate friend from foe in an eternal conflict revolving around the Hive.



    We raced against time, frantically clicking on links that disappeared even as we viewed them. Repeated error messages forced us to chase obscure mentions of Lysayer now, websites that fed information from other websites, blogs and forums. They dropped like flies, forcing us to move on ever faster.

    An email popped up on screen from Poppy Smoke. It said, Try this. A URL was pasted below, together with an alphanumeric password.

    Ben looked at me. “This guy is beyond shady. Anything he suggests that we haven't found ourselves…”

    “Do it,” I said.

    He shrugged, clicked and entered the password when prompted. An index page loaded, displaying discussion threads. My eyes picked auction: FBI hit list and unreleased WikiLeaks files from the list.

    “Freedom hackers.” Ben's face turned white. He went to close the browser.

    “Wait!” I grabbed the mouse.

    “Do you have any idea how illegal this is?” he asked. “There's probably a team of agents tracking access to this site as we speak.”

    “Please.” I shook his shoulders. “I have to find out why she wanted to kill me and why I’m the only one who remembers.”

    “Okay,” he said eventually.

    There was a simple text search facility at the top of the page. Ben typed Lysayer into it. A discussion thread loaded, the topic called Hive, though it was also linked to Lysayer’s name.

    Ben scrolled down. There was only one entry.If you're reading this, it's already too late. The Hive will find you and make you forget.

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