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Sinful - ebook

When pride gets in the way, can love survive?

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    Bo McAlister, Crew Chief, trips Wendy’s trigger. He however, isn’t interested. The team’s sexiest mechanic, Russ Corel, is. The problem—Corel is a Casanova who loves ‘em and leaves ‘em.


    A former pro-cheerleader and swimsuit model, Wendy keeps the truth hidden until a chance moment reveals her past. Is McAlister the kind of man to want a former cheerleader/model on his arm? Is Corel really the Casanova he appears to be?


    After having been adopted as ‘lunch girl’ by a squadron of maintainers for the show’s fighter jets stars, Wendy finds herself in a secret sexual relationship with Corel.


    But when a carnal sexual act drives a wedge into the maintainer’s squadron, is it too late for Wendy to realize the man of her dreams in right under her nose? Can love prevail when sex and pride have distorted the view? What’s a girl to do when the truth gets in the way?


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    Sinful - ebook

    Sinful - ebook

    When pride gets in the way, can love survive?



    “What’s for lunch, Toots?”

    “Burgers. Do they sell anything else at air shows?”

    “Probably monkey burgers if we knew the truth of it.” Koslowski laughed.

    The guys were milling around the hangar, cleaning tools, and sweeping floors as she made her way across the tarmac with the food. Her eyes locked on Corel as he trotted her way. He was too young for her, but still smokin’ hot.

    “They need you in the shop, Electro.” Corel pointed his thumb over his shoulder, sending Koslowski jogging into the hangar.

    “They don’t need him in the hangar,” Wendy corrected. “You’re so bad.”

    “It worked, didn’t it?” He shot her a wink and continued his confident swagger toward her.

    “It did.” She gave her head a slow nod.

    Every inch of him was visually perfect, from his short black hair to the soles of his government-issued maintainer’s shoes. His eyes were electric blue and he wasn’t afraid to wink at a girl to weaken her. He was slightly over six feet tall, and he carried the entire package to the gym quite often. Corel was a guy who could stand between two male underwear models and not be seen as an imposter. His hair was always perfect. Wendy called it “Hollywood.” It always looked like he’d just stepped out of a stylist’s chair. His twiggy, wet look was always perfect. Something told her, however, he was a guy who got out of bed, jumped in a shower, jerked on his uniform, and lobbed some gel though his hair. Momentarily, she’d let Jenna and Maggie cloud her perception of Slick, but she was back to her senses now.

    “Will you marry me?” Corel asked, walking toward her with weak knees.

    She wanted to laugh because he’d done this a hundred times, but he looked so damn good doing it. She always drank it in. “Steady yourself, Sailor, I’m old enough to be your sister?”

    Was he serious? If he wasn’t so young, it would be worth calling his bluff just to see what he’d do because with those broad shoulders and bedroom eyes, he would be a prize catch.

     “Come on, Toots.” Corel stopped and opened his arms toward her.

    “What would your mother say if you brought an older woman home?” Wendy teased, fighting womanly urges stirring every time he started this little game.

    “I don’t give a shit what my mother says. I’m a grown man and I make my own choices. Say yes, and I’ll prove it.” He approached, laid his hands onto the front of the cart, and leaned his face toward her. “I do lots of things Momma wouldn’t like.”

    Wendy swallowed hard because even if he was a player, it always set her aback. She would never get used to him saying such things. “Sweetie, when a man looks like you, even his mother knows sin can’t be far behind.”

    His face moved closer until his nose touched hers. “If I look so damn good, why don’t you try it?”

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