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A Sister's Secret - ebook

Will Brooke uncover the truth behind her sister’s murder or will she become just another victim?

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    Brooke Rawlings's life is turned upside down after the death of her sister. Brooke's life as a tough investigative reporter hasn't prepared her for the challenge of being the guardian of her teenaged nephew Jeremy. When he withdraws from everyone, Jeremy's oh-so-attractive-but-arrogant teacher, Matthew Grant, is concerned that Jeremy is involved with drugs. While investigating Jeremy's behavior, Brooke and Matthew uncover surprising information about her sister's death and the disappearance of another student. She soon comes to realize there was much more to her sister than met the eye. Can she unravel the web of secrets and lies and find happiness with the man at the top of her suspect list?


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    A Sister's Secret - ebook

    A Sister's Secret - ebook

    Will Brooke uncover the truth behind her sister’s murder or will she become just another victim?



    “You want to know what I’m hungry for? Do you really?” His voice was no longer soft and gentle. He looked at her like a caged animal that had been forced to stare at its prey for months and had just been set free.

    She couldn’t respond. All she could think about was how stupid she’d been not to listen to her instincts about calling the police. Or to her sister, who told her to stop being afraid to ask for help. Now she was in need of help more than ever, and she was alone.

    A car passed, and she was tempted to signal for help. He must have sensed this, as he grabbed the back of her hair and forced up her chin. She was certain he was going to snap her neck as he leaned in to whisper in her ear. Fear coursed through her as she heard his words, not wanting to believe him.

    “I’m hungry for revenge, my love. And you’re going to be the one to fulfill my appetite.”

    A cloud covered the moon, and she knew then she would never lay eyes upon it again. Never see the brightness as it cast a glow over the night. Never feel the romance inside when sitting with a loved one.

    When she stared into the once-charming eyes of the man before her, the hatred was pure and adulterated. And aimed at her.

    She would not be the heroine tonight. Instead, she would become his next victim.

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