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Tainted Glass - ebook

Before Prince Charming, before the seven dwarves, there was William.

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    When Prince William’s father is murdered before his eyes, he thinks his miseries could never be worse. He’s wrong. Helped by Anna, his queen and love of his life, he struggles with a dark side he always knew existed, made worse with the tragic consequences of his daughter’s birth, the princess Snow White. Through the malice of a spurned love, and the scheming of rivals that covet his throne, William finds himself the victim of a curse that condemns him to live out his remaining days as the magic mirror of lore. With his daughter’s life hanging in the balance, William must save her the only way he can: engaging in a game of wits with the cunning and manipulative woman who imprisoned him behind the glass.


    But is Snow White worth saving at all?


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    Tainted Glass - ebook

    Tainted Glass - ebook

    Before Prince Charming, before the seven dwarves, there was William.



    “Was her beauty so great?” Tahlia answered fiercely. “Costly enough to risk losing everything?” She scoffed as she turned away from my gaze.

    “You’re insane,” I said. “You duped me into this. You fooled me out of my castle, my kingdom.”

    “It’s not your castle, and it’s not your kingdom. I’m not sharing anymore. Seeing as the princess is too young to take the throne, I will make sure it is given to me. This kingdom is mine now, and so is everyone in it.”

    “How did you do this? Where did you put me?”

    “You still haven’t figured it out, have you?” Tahlia laughed to herself as she paced before me. “Do you ever wonder what they would say if these walls could talk, William? Just imagine what history these stones have witnessed since their inception centuries earlier. The joys, the wars, the deaths. Your mother died right here on these steps. They never could quite get the stains from these stones. You and I, we’re not that unalike. Losing our mothers, thrust into adulthood far before our time. The only difference is you wear your suffering on your sleeve, whereas I tend to uphold more dignity. I’m trying to offer you a little…reflection. The thing about mirrors is that no matter how desperately you want to believe otherwise, they always show you the truth.”

    My mother’s mirror. The position of the window, the basin, the door. It was from my mother’s mirror. Which means the barrier was its surface—clear surface—glass.

    “Don’t bother trying to break through. It’s no use. And if I’ve done the spell correctly, it should hold you for another half millennia or so. Your struggles are inspiring, but fruitless.”

    “How did you do this to me?” I stammered through the glass.

    “You have so many questions today, William. Do you realize this is the most we’ve talked in months? I should have locked you in here earlier.”

    “No more games, Tahlia.”

    “My mother was an expert,” she started again, ignoring my rants. “Whereas your mother had your future planned out for you before birth, I never had that luxury. I had to forge my own path, and the mystic arts were the best way to do it.”

    “Magic doesn’t exist,” I said.

    “Coming from the man in the mirror. Magic runs in gypsies’ blood. All it takes is the proper knowledge, and we can utilize our birthright however we want. Much of the secrets were lost with the elders when the armies came calling. I am one of the few left who possess my gifts. It was my mother’s last endowment. It’s all I have left of her.”

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