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    Becoming a steam child was supposed to be fun.

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    A Guardian's Heart

    Strength can be drawn from pain…if the heart can heal faster than...

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Knight's Bridge - ebook

Is there any safe place for honor or romance if your world is crumbling?

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    A bloodied knight fleeing a lost cause rescues a woman escaping from the madness of a burning countryside and guides her and her daughters to temporary safety. An angry warlord is dispatched to seize a bridge but decides first to divert and ravage a small town. A young squire, following his master into his first battle, has numerous fears and uncertainties to overcome. Each have a story to tell and they all meet together in the clash around the Pax Regis, the King’s Peace, a magnificent stone bridge over the Matriarch, the Mother of Waters.


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    Knight's Bridge - ebook

    Knight's Bridge - ebook

    Is there any safe place for honor or romance if your world is crumbling?



    I stare out through a crimson haze. Blood soaks into my eyes, caresses my lips, some of the foul stuff even mine. A large shadow passes before me, and reaching out with my left hand, I clutch at the saddle pommel of a frightened, riderless horse. The right still grips tight to a sword, now nicked and dulled, the blade stained and dripping. My shield, slung over my shoulder, weighs me down as I scramble, heart-pounding, on to the beast’s back. For one wild minute I think of flinging away the heavy oval with its battered yellow dragon embracing a red seven, but somehow it gives me a little comfort, protecting my back. There might come a future time when I wished I had flung it aside, for who would want to be remembered as a member of the Seventh Dragon Guards; perhaps the only surviving member?

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