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Dark Knights - ebook View larger

Dark Knights - ebook

The Dark Lady, 3

Faced with rebellion from within, and invasion from without, will young Queen Nefasti flee, or pick up a sword and face her fears?

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    It has happened at last. Queen Nefasti’s friends are deserting her on all sides, treachery threatens from inside her own castle, and an invasion led by an old and angry acquaintance is knocking at the very gates to the Kingdom of Vadio. Dark Magic has stirred up things best left alone. Nefasti has been given a final choice, marry The Lord High Protector’s son, or suffer dire consequences. All of this threatens to ruin her 16th birthday celebrations, and probably end her life.


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    Dark Knights - ebook

    Dark Knights - ebook

    Faced with rebellion from within, and invasion from without, will young Queen Nefasti flee, or pick up a sword and face her fears?



    “You should be very careful being seen here. The ambassador has several servants about the castle.”

    “Oh, I doubt he will try anything nasty within the walls of Oculus Gloria…on the high road perhaps, or in the forest near our estate.” Prince Haeres eyes gleamed at her over the rim of his cup. “I am ready if he tries anything.”

    Now he sounded more like the foolish and reckless youth she knew.

    “Well, I must be going.” He stood, took her hand and kissed it. “I have heard rumors.”

    “Rumors?” Nefasti wondered what new crisis was about to unfold.

    “Yes, rumors the queen and I are betrothed.” His eyes sparkled.

    She snatched her hand away. “I did not say any such thing.”

    “Cousin, you should at the least keep me informed of such important developments.” His eyes promised mischief. “You have just doubled the number of enemies I have.”

    “You probably deserved them,” she snapped. “Besides, I never said we were betrothed. I may have said you were simply one of the many who would make a suitable candidate.” She almost choked on the words, “That is all I said.”

    “No need to be shy, cousin.” Haeres blew her a kiss. “I am honored by your excellent choice. Moreover, Your Majesty,” he said over his shoulder, “anything that annoys my dear Cousin Ferus is worthy of being shouted from the battlements.” Pausing by the door, he turned and bowed. “Until I return with the princess, then.” Winking at the queen, he disappeared inside.

    Nefasti stared after him. Haeres no longer resembled the stuttering awkward boy Prince Lubricius thrust into the competition for her hand for what now seemed like many years ago. “I wonder what he has been doing all those months while exiled on the borderlands, supposedly herding sheep. What else has he been up to—perhaps herding shepherdesses?”

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