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Moonwalk - ebook

A lone Battlenaut with a single impossible mission: Save Earth.

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    In the 22nd Century, Earth has fought an army of invaders from the Pleiades system to a stand-still. Enemy bases are positioned all over the Earth, their main base is located on the Moon, all are protected by an impenetrable energy field – or so the enemy thinks.

    Earth scientists have figured out how to penetrate the energy field and destroy every living Pleiadian invader. So, a sophisticated, secret plan is set into action, a plan consisting of psychics, soldiers and spies all working together. But the plan’s success depends upon a lone soldier who has to walk across 1,500 miles of the most rugged, exposed and dangerous terrain on the surface of the Moon.


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    Moonwalk - ebook

    Moonwalk - ebook

    A lone Battlenaut with a single impossible mission: Save Earth.



    The bodies kept coming out, along with cots, clothing, and other debris, arcing through the sky, then falling to the surface. A handful of soldiers had been pulled out of the ground with such force their bodies were pulled apart as they continued to spin helplessly into the black sky where they disappeared in the darkness.

    With everybody who was pulled out, Quint’s hatred seethed hotter, his anger boiled, his taste for revenge more desperate than ever before. There was no need for the Pleiads to do this. Their human victims were all dead and they knew it. They’d won this battle—move on to the next one. It was cruel, hateful, and sick to treat the dead of any species that way. It was an evil worse than the Nazis. At this moment Quint made a decision to continue the mission. Why not? He had nothing more to lose.

    Once the Battlenaut nest had been cleared out and thousands of dead human bodies lay sprawled across the moonscape like trash or were still spinning in the sky, the disk inhaled its funnel-shaped object, took its respective place in the formation above and the armada moved swiftly to the north, back to their base at Hercules Crater.

    Quint waited until the disks cleared the horizon, then he stood up and began walking north. No radio, no weapons, fifteen hundred miles in one-sixth gravity on a rocky satellite with no atmosphere and a long, brightly lit two-week day that would leave him constantly exposed to danger.

    Piece of cake.

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