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Out Of The Cave - ebook

Timewarp Inc.

First, Adam was hurt. Then, he was betrayed. Now, Adam is mad.

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    Timewarp Inc, brings Adam Stancil, a 15-year-old Neanderthal boy to this century, where he is mainstreamed into a Midwestern high school. As he assimilates into modern culture, makes friends, deals with bullies, plays on the football team, he discovers it was human ancestors who, back in the Ice Ages, murdered his people with superior weaponry. First, Adam was hurt. Then, he felt betrayed. Now, Adam is mad.


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    Out Of The Cave - ebook

    Out Of The Cave - ebook

    First, Adam was hurt. Then, he was betrayed. Now, Adam is mad.



    “You look weird, caveman. Like somebody from another planet. Planet of the Apes.” The guy laughed loudly. Adam tried ignoring him, but the man, who I guessed was in his early thirties, persisted. “What’s a matter, ape-man? Cat got your tongue?”

    I reached the pair before Diane and stood at Adam’s side.

    “Who’s the slut, tough guy,” Piercings said, “your ho?”

    Adam’s face changed. He stepped toward the guy. “Call her that again,” he growled, thick hands at the ready.

    Piercings hesitated, as if realizing he’d gone too far.

    Alarmed, I said, “Adam, it’s okay.”

    Adam didn’t even look at me. He just kept staring holes in the older guy’s face. “It’s not okay!” Adam stepped closer still, even as Diane joined us. “Go ahead, tough guy. Call my friend that again.”

    I felt intimidated by the change in him. His impossibly wide shoulders were bunched in muscles so thick their outline was visible beneath his coat. His eyes, beneath those cavern-like brow ridges, burned like coals. My friend was suddenly a very scary creature.

    Adam took one more step forward. He was close enough to breathe on the man. “I can break your ribs with a single punch, stickman,” he said in a low growl, right fist knotting.

    Piercings looked afraid. Wisely so. Adam thrust his muzzled face forward, not unlike a hunting wolf’s. The man retreated. A purple-haired woman at his side berated him for cowardice, but he was no longer in the mood for confrontations. Saying nothing, he grabbed her arm and dragged her off toward a nearby parking lot.

    “My hero,” I heard the woman chide, but Piercings shoved her into an old Mitsubishi electric car with body cancer and drove away.

    Some of the family people applauded at the aggressor’s retreat. Others left.

    “I don’t like this,” Diane said in a lowered voice. A faint whisper, actually. “Adam’s losing his good nature.”

    He turned his head our way, as if he could hear her, something no human being could have done. That’s when I recalled him mentioning once that his hearing was better than a human’s.

    I lifted my eyebrows toward Diane in a question. Adam, who I’m sure heard her, looked also.

    Diane and Adam’s eyes met. “You’re becoming like the rest of us,” she said. It was no compliment.

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