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FDA - ebook

Jack knows a good a story and he found a great one. The only problem, powerful people don’t want him to tell it.  

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    Money makes the world go around. People will lie, steal and kill for the number on a bill. As a reporter, Jack lived a life of exposing such things, uncovering the cold truth for the readers of The Chicago Tribune. That is until he uncovers a truth that the FDA can not let out. Jack takes on a renegade force but soon finds that it is a battle he need not wage himself. A hidden sect, a group of insiders wants the company taken down and Jack may be their key to finally completing their goal.

    A cure, a cover-up and a reporter willing to give his life for the ultimate story.    


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    Conspiracy Buffs Welcome

    Jack Randolph is fired from the Chicago Tribune when “the board” pulls his latest conspiracy story about the government eliminating cures for major diseases. With the help of his long-time friend, Martini, Jack delves further into the investigation. It started as a simple pursuit of the truth evolved into a wicked web of lies that cost Jack his safety, security, and love of his life. Despite my initial eyebrow raises and dislike of Jack’s character, I found this book to be well-written and extremely fascinating. If you like a spider web of a story that is intricately woven, I recommend this book.

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    FDA - ebook

    FDA - ebook

    Jack knows a good a story and he found a great one. The only problem, powerful people don’t want him to tell it.  



    “Jack, it’s just a hope. To be honest, we might be able to release these cures; at best, we could unveil one aspect of the cover-up and get people questioning it, but to think that the entire thing will fall because of this bag just isn’t gonna happen. They’ve had longer to set up this web than you could imagine. People think of the illuminati, the skull and bones, and all other entities that secretly run the world and dream of taking them down. But the fact is those organizations think they run the world and they don’t—people have infiltrated them and control their movements. So what if we took one of them down? Let me answer it for you: another would replace it, and they would just be puppets themselves. You will never see the big dogs, and you will never catch them. They’ve had too much time to weave. They started before man became manipulative.”

    “So how far up does it go? How many puppeteers are there really?”

    “Like I said, we’ll never know. I’ve put thought into it. I’ve done as much looking around as I could without looking suspicious, and the only thing I can come up with is there aren’t many, could be a handful. They have nothing to fear, no one to answer to, and see us as a game.”

    Zip thought on the matter for a moment and asked, “And you were okay working for them?”

    Martini laughed. “I didn’t work for them. I worked for the web. To be honest, I felt a little of what they felt. I’m ashamed to say it now, but I knew I was on the outside with them, but I didn’t even see the rest of you.”

    Jack ending all the hypothetical talk and conspiracy dreams he had always pursued, said, “Fine, four or five people rule the world, and they or their families always have. They manipulated every step we’ve taken and might forever. That’s up in the air. All we can concentrate on right now is making the world we do live in a better place. And I think getting people to stop suffering by getting out some of those cures is the way to do it.”

    Chelsea perked up in her bed. “Jack’s right. What can we do now? We can’t do anything about the rest of that right now. We have to stay focused.”

    Jack had an idea. “Well, I’m already a wanted man. I could call a TV station and say I’ll turn myself in if I can make a public announcement.”

    Martini shot down the idea. “It won’t work. Either they’ll lie about it being live while tracking you, or they’ll let you talk and then make you out for a lunatic. Either way you’re not credible.”

    “I may not be, but I know who still is.”

    “Who?” Martini asked.

    “My editor, Mike.”

    “He fired you, remember, that and the fact that he thinks you’re a murderer.”


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