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Labyrinth Of Lies - ebook View larger

Labyrinth Of Lies - ebook

One man. One maze. One secret sealed in blood.

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    Something foul is afoot in Ancient Greece. Athens is bruised from a previous war with Crete. Worse still, King Minos annually demands fourteen Athenian youths to be fed to the Cretan Minotaur locked inside a maze. When his own beloved, Zosemine, is taken to be fed to the Minotaur, Theseus finds himself at the heart of a web of conflicting motives, with the sense that even those closest to him cannot be trusted.

    Theseus must navigate the various plots, motives, and secrets through the labyrinth and see past the masks to slay the Minotaur.


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    Labyrinth Of Lies - ebook

    Labyrinth Of Lies - ebook

    One man. One maze. One secret sealed in blood.



    “The war was my fault, Theseus,” he choked softly.

    “You did not kill Androgeus, Uncle,” Theseus said, trying to comfort the distressed old man. Then he paused. His stomach twisted. “You didn’t, did you?”

    Pallas shook his head, tossing his mane and causing the various gold bands that ornamented his various braids to clink together loudly. “No, I did not have Androgeus killed, but it does not matter. For even if that young man were still alive, Crete would’ve still gone to war with Athens. Innocent people still would’ve died. Because I would’ve asked Minos to attack Athens. And it all would’ve been because of me, me and my discontented pride.”

    “But it wasn’t, Uncle Pallas,” Theseus said, placing a reassuring hand on his uncle’s shoulder. “You cannot dwell on what might’ve been. Rather, think on what is. You did not bring Crete into the war. Ultimately, those circumstances were outside of your control.”

    “You have your mother’s wisdom,” Pallas told him, “and her kindness, too.”

    “And hopefully a courage that my father has never shown, but that is yet to be seen. Even if it kills me, I will rescue Zosemine, and I will destroy that Minotaur.”

    Pallas raised his eyebrows. “You are brave, indeed, if you seek to kill the Minotaur. I dearly hope you succeed, for blessed is the one who will rid us of that beast. But the world is a fearsome place, Theseus. It is filled with twisted hearts and hopes and dreams. You think to enter the Minotaur’s maze once you arrive in Crete, but here you are wrong, Theseus. You have already entered the labyrinth—you were born into it, and in it, you can trust no one.”


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