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One Hot Holiday - ebook

An exotic seaside city and a sexy neighbor. What more can a woman ask for?

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    Desperate to escape from her high-pressured TV news job and recover from her broken engagement, Grace wants nothing more than to hide away in a friend’s home in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Within moments of arriving at the luxurious apartment overlooking the spectacular Adriatic Sea, however, Grace meets her gorgeous neighbor, Stefan and her life begins to heat up. Their friendship takes a sexy turn and they succumb to their overpowering passions in the romantic world of ancient Dubrovnik.


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    One Hot Holiday - ebook

    One Hot Holiday - ebook

    An exotic seaside city and a sexy neighbor. What more can a woman ask for?



    Grace unlocked the apartment and stepped into a long, marble tiled hall ending at a large, open living area. Wheeling her suitcase behind her, she stopped, transfixed by the incredible blue sky, cleaved by the even more intoxicating cerulean-blue of the Adriatic Sea just beyond a nearly invisible wall of glass.

    Most people in television traveled the globe. Not Grace. Despite her desire to experience the world, she was in a job that required her to spend her time in an artificially dark television studio. This was her first trip abroad, and she promised herself it would not be her last.

    Not wanting to spend even a second on anything practical like unpacking, Grace flung open the French doors and stepped onto the terrace. It hung over the water with no visible support, creating a sense of floating in space above the sea. She stepped to the waist-high railing and let the scene absorb her, embracing her with its gentle breeze.

    “Oh, this is heaven.”

    “I agree. There’s no more beautiful place on the planet,” a deep male voice replied in accented English.

    Grace turned, and her heart did a funny little flip. The owner of the voice was the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. He was tall with brown, wavy hair and large green eyes. His gray T-shirt clung to him, and she let her gaze linger over his flat stomach and lean, muscular shoulders. However, it was his crotch-hugging jeans her hungry eyes feasted on. He was too yummy for words.

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