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One Too Many - ebook

Aphrodite's Island

Even in a fantasy, three is a crowd.

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    Molly sets out on a weeklong adventure on Aphrodite’s Island, a tropical paradise where fantasies come true. She only wants one thing; a chance with Seth Dailey.

    Warned that the fantasy she was in might not always be her own, she soon realizes that Seth has a few fantasies of his own. He is a man with a healthy sexual appetite and is willing to push the fantasy adventure to the limit. What will Seth do when he realizes too late that Molly was hoping for a lifetime with him?

    As sexual fantasies fulfill, then collide, Molly flees in hopes of salvaging her pride and her heart. Will Seth set aside the rest of his fantasy for an opportunity to love Molly? Will he continue to enjoy the fantasy of every man? Or will he enjoy the best of both worlds and hope to pick up the pieces?



    “Molly?” Seth’s voice came from behind her.

    She swallowed hard then turned toward him. With what she hoped was utter nonchalance she smiled. “Hey, Seth.”

    “What are the chances of seeing you here?”

    Molly smiled. Those chances might be a lot better than he thought. Should she feel bad for dragging him into this mess? Until this moment she’d never stopped to think of how selfish she’d been in asking for these fantasies. If she wasn’t woman enough to win her way into his bed before, should she do it this way? “I thought the same thing about you.”

    “You should have said something. I’ve been so wrapped up in the jaguars I just noticed you.” He met her eyes for a few seconds then scanned their surroundings again.

    “What’s the deal with the gun?” She nodded toward the weapon, then met his blue eyes.

    He reached for her, wrapped his hand around her arm then pulled her to the side. “They hired me to come here to kill a jaguar that’s been stalking people.”

    “They what?” Molly’s heart fluttered. Surely her decision to make him part of her fantasy hadn’t put him in a duel with a man-killing jaguar. She should have considered what it would take to make her fantasies come true. Why hadn’t she realized that it would disrupt his life? In a case such as this, it could end his life.

    “Three people have already been killed.” He tightened his grip on the rifle and scanned the area again. For me it was a no-brainer. I got a free hunting trip, and a free week on the island in exchange for killing the cat.”

    “And we are stuck out here at dark with that jaguar?”

    “Well, there are several ATV’s on the way in and they should transport almost everyone out.”

    “Do you think it will attack?” Molly looked passed him into the dark green foliage.

    He gave his head a shake. “As long as there is this much noise there isn’t much danger.”

    “We can certainly make more noise if necessary.”

    He tilted back his head and laughed. “I think the chatter is serving the purpose well.”

    She gave a nod and looked down his body. The man was perfect from the top of his sandy blond hair to the toes of his dark brown boots. He cleared his throat and tapped his foot. Her face burned but there was little she could do to take back the action.

    “Do you ever see the Matthews anymore?” Seth allowed a cool smile to crawl onto his lips.

    Molly swallowed the lump in her throat and tried to cloak the embarrassment. “They come into town from time to time. They are living full time in Italy now.”

    “Man, I should have kept that job.” Seth pressed his lips together. “But sometimes it was boring as hell."

    “Don’t say that. If you’d kept that job you wouldn’t be here. What could be better than being stuck here with me and a man-eating jaguar?”

    He lifted his brows then trailed his eyes down to her cleavage. “I could think of a couple of things.”


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One Too Many - ebook

One Too Many - ebook

Even in a fantasy, three is a crowd.

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