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Isle Of Fantasies - ebook View larger

Isle Of Fantasies - ebook

An erotic adventure where every sexual fantasy is fulfilled and total anonymity is guaranteed.

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    Mary is an ambitious and successful partner at a prestigious law firm.  Years of hard work meant years of sacrifice and having finally made it to the top, she celebrates by taking a long awaited vacation at a specialty resort in the Caribbean.  The specialty?  Complete anonymity, the realization of her deepest sexual fantasies, and zero risk of any consequences to her professional life.

    Catching the private charter to the secluded island, Mary, aka Marisa, has barely checked in before she experiences her first fantasy, a sizzling encounter with a stranger that leaves her panting for more. Having discovered she has an insatiable sexual appetite, can total sexual gratification really come without consequence?  



    A clay brick-paved path led her from the lobby to the suite number printed on her key. She walked between the lush ferns, trees, and tropical flowers and relished how far removed from the glass towers and cement sidewalks of Houston it seemed. She inhaled a deep breath, savoring the wonderful scent of orchids and begonias and could feel Mary’s persona slip away and Marisa’s take command.

    Her suite turned out to be a thatched bungalow on the beach. The ocean waves lapped mere feet from her door. Vaulting up the natural wood open-slatted stairs to the wood verandah, she turned the handle on the shuttered wood front door and walked into paradise. Her eyes scanned the room in wonder, distinguishing the British colonial style décor of dark wood and white linen. Drawn over open windows and glass doors, the curtains swayed in the breeze, carrying the salty scent of the ocean tangled with the floral aroma from outside and the vases placed around the room.

    Marisa turned to latch the door when someone shoved her up against it, squashing her breasts against the tropical wood. Her heart stopped, surprised by the intrusion, terrified for her safety. She opened her mouth to scream when a hand clamped over her mouth.

    “There’s no need to scream. I know you want this. I saw how you looked at me in the lobby.” His deep masculine voice scraped against her left ear, “You begged with your eyes for me to come to you.”

    One hand remained on her mouth as the other started exploring her body over her cotton tropical print dress. His fingers slid over the sides of her breasts before traveling down her body, lingering on her butt. He squeezed the firm cheek. “Nice.”

    Marisa’s heart thumped hard against her ribs, the crotch of her panties creamed with the moist arousal of erotic danger. This is what she asked for—first on her list of fantasies —unexpected, dangerous sex with a stranger. Her chest rose and fell with each labored breath as she waited for what would come next.


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Isle Of Fantasies - ebook

Isle Of Fantasies - ebook

An erotic adventure where every sexual fantasy is fulfilled and total anonymity is guaranteed.

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