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Wheel Of Pleasure - ebook

Aphrodite's Island

A woman stretches her sexual boundaries when she plays an erotic and wet game with six fantasy men at a tropical island resort.

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    During the day, Jessica Hayward maintains a persona as a respectable associate professor of chemistry at a prestigious university. During the night, she dreams of wild sex with the hard-bodied athletes that fill the university halls and her classroom.  Bringing her dreams to life would be professional suicide…except on Aphrodite’s Island.


    Aphrodite’s Island promises the ultimate in fantasy experiences.  Jessica tests their promise when she spins the Wheel of Pleasure and becomes the guest of honor at a private pool party with a team of six chiseled, well-hung, swimmers. The carnal games begin as soon as she gets wet.



    “What are you playing?” She flirted as she strolled toward the pool. “And can a girl play?” She untied her sarong and dropped it on the brightly covered deck mat as she approached the edge.

    “We can’t play without you.” The young blond Adonis smiled as he tossed her the water polo ball.

    Catching it in midair, she all but purred. “You’ll have to explain the rules to me.”

    She started down the steps into the cool liquid. The salty scent of the pool’s ocean water mixed with the musky organic aroma of foliage in the air around her, heightening the dreamlike quality. Emboldened, sexually fearless, she took the next step.

    With the ball crooked in one arm, she watched the men’s eyes widen with aroused interest as she took each step and the water crept higher up her body. She knew her swimsuit transformed from opaque to translucent inch by inch and she couldn’t stop herself from glancing down as the water lapped the top of her thighs to see the shadowy outline of trimmed dark hair become the advertisement of her sex, the lightning bolt she shaved before dressing boldly pointing the way.

    She took another step and the gleam of her belly-button stud shined, another and the hardened nubs of her nipples were as visible as if she stood naked on the tiled floor. She was fully exposed, vulnerable, yet covered by the illusion of a protective sheath.

    Shivers of raw lust raced down her spine, settling in the core of her sex, tingling against the tender folds of her vulva. Damn, the way they’re looking at me, I could have an orgasm just standing here. She noticed the men’s eyes dilate to black and a couple of them licked their lips in anticipation.

    All six moved toward her before the hunk with sun-streaked shoulder length hair cleared his throat as he closed the distance between them. “We’ll make the rules as we go.”


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Wheel Of Pleasure - ebook

Wheel Of Pleasure - ebook

A woman stretches her sexual boundaries when she plays an erotic and wet game with six fantasy men at a tropical island resort.

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