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Crusing For Love - ebook View larger

Crusing For Love - ebook

Aphrodite's Island

Elora Ramsey reluctantly takes a cruise and discovers much more than an island escape.

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    Elora Ramsey reluctantly takes a cruise and discovers much more than an island escape. Alec Darcy arranges a weekend retreat for himself and friends at an exclusive island where sexual fantasies come true. Can he persuade a woman he barely knows to act upon her most cherished fantasies; fantasies that include spanking and bondage?



     Before she could say more, he leaned toward her and pressed his lips to hers. She jerked at the unfamiliar contact, but then relaxed as dormant emotions and sensations took over. Once he sensed her acquiescence, he took the kiss deeper, ravaging her mouth with heat and moisture. His right hand cradled the back of her neck in a masterful way. Immobile and decidedly turned on, she relished the tightening of her womb as his tongue plundered and explored.

    They both panted when he pulled away. He pressed his forehead to hers. “I’ve wanted to do that since first meeting you.”

    “That was…”

    “I know.” He pressed a kiss on her brow. “Do you trust me?”

    She pulled away, suddenly unsure of her feelings. “I don’t know. We just met but I feel a connection or I wouldn’t have revealed my secret.”

    He brought her hand to his lips and pressed their warmth to her skin. “I’m going to ask something of you that might make you uncomfortable. You don’t have to give me an answer tonight. If you agree, you can meet me in the morning.”

    “You’re scaring me.”

    “Not my intention. I’d rather seduce you.”

    “Oh.” She giggled. “I think I’d like to be seduced by you.”

    “Then go to Aphrodite’s Island with me.”

    “Aphrodite’s? But I thought tomorrow’s stop is Chelsea’s Island.”

    “It is. To get to Aphrodite’s Island, we’ll have to take a short boat ride and we’d spend two days there.”

    “Wait. Two days? But the ship will leave without us. How will we get home?”

    “I’ve made arrangements. They have a small air strip. We’d fly into Key West, just in time to meet the Lexontine when she stops there.”

    Two days alone with a man she’d barely met. Could she do it? Something about him made her want to trust him. But could she trust herself? Could she trust that her desire to comply had nothing to do with the loneliness that claimed her and everything to do with the man himself?

    It was time she lived for the moment and experienced more that life had to offer.

    She hesitated then gave a slight incline of her head. “I think I’d like that.”

    He chuckled. “I think I’d like it even more.”

    She swayed, an alcohol induced dance that almost made her think this was all a dream.

    His hand snaked out to steady her. “I think I best escort you to your room.”

    “Hmm.” She giggled. “I could stay here all night.”

    “Yes, but then you wouldn’t be rested for what I have in mind for tomorrow.”


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Crusing For Love - ebook

Crusing For Love - ebook

Elora Ramsey reluctantly takes a cruise and discovers much more than an island escape.

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