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Bucking Back - ebook View larger

Bucking Back - ebook

Love hard, love wild, and always buck back.

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    When Mimi Michaels turns twenty-one, her father takes off on a trip around the world, but his excursion is driven by more than just a need to lead a bachelor’s life. He’s convinced he can’t save his daughter from the trouble she’ll soon face, but he knows a few fellows who can. And he’s willing to bet her life on the fact.



    “There you go, trying to turn this around on me. If you need a picture, Cort, all you have to do is ask.”

    He took a step closer. In a husky voice, he said, “Honey, I promise you, when I take a snapshot, there won’t be a stitch of clothing covering that sweet body of yours. I always keep my promises, Mimi. Always.”

    A second later, he was gone and she was pissed. Standing there all alone, she clenched her fists and cursed the very ground where Cort Chaswell had just stood. Who the hell did he think he was?

    Oh, she could answer that one without any help. Danged man had left a trail of broken hearts in his wake, enough of them to know women swooned when he passed them, some even oohed and ahhed and did the whole “Call me, Cort” crap. Those gals were the ones who did a great injustice to womankind. They were a real embarrassment to the cowgirl sisterhood.

    She started for the kitchen, following the rich aroma of what promised a flavorful cup of rich hazelnut java. At the very least, she should’ve thanked him for making coffee. Then again, if she had used her manners, he would’ve likely said something sexy like she owed him one.

    Grumbling about that, too, she chose her girly looking mug, the one with daisies around the handle, and filled it to the brim. After a first sip, she muttered, “At least the man is good for something.”

    “Which man?”

    “Well this morning just keeps getting better and better.” She took a deep breath and set her mug on the counter. This shouldn’t have been happening. She slowly faced off with the man dubbed The Cherry Picker, due in part to their first night together, a night that had been caught on film thanks to surveillance equipment. “I’m tempted to cuss.”

    “It’s a little early for slinging slurs and bad words.”

    “Garon McCabee. What are you doing here?” She immediately wondered why she couldn’t be like half the other women in this town. Why couldn’t she look at Garon and see Mr, GQ? Why couldn’t she focus on his becoming facial features rather than sliding her gaze down the length of his body and remembering the great impact he’d had on her life? Yep, sure enough, she was already staring at his crotch. He’d made quite the impression with what he kept hidden below the belt.

    Even still, those light green bedroom eyes ate her up quicker than a cowboy could slide across a feisty mare and take off on a morning ride. “Glad to see me?”

    “About as glad as I am to see a monthly statement from my favorite department store.” She placed her hands on her hips. “Why on earth would you believe I’d even want to hear your name?”

    He stalked her. “Want me to refresh your memory?”

    Her heart stopped, just for a second, but it paused all the same. That intense look on his face was responsible for her lost virginity status. She backed up three steps and would’ve taken two or three more, only her hips butted up against the counter before she could escape.

    And Garon kept right on coming.


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Bucking Back - ebook

Bucking Back - ebook

Love hard, love wild, and always buck back.

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