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Turned On - ebook

Erica learns to unleash her wild, sexy side on an erotic fantasy vacation.

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    Traumatized by a humiliating break-up, a high-powered television executive treats herself to a week at Aphrodite’s Island, a place where people go to fulfill their sexual fantasies, in the hopes of recovering her lost sensuality.

    Things get even hotter, and sexier than the plane ride to her destination, when she arrives on the island and enjoys all of the delectable men available to her. With each luscious encounter, she loses more of her inhibitions and learns to follow her passions as she fulfills her every sexual fantasy with man after gorgeous man.



    Still holding her hand, Hunter took her to her seat, leaning in close to buckle her seatbelt. His hands brushed against her thin summer dress, his heat scorching through the fabric and onto her thighs. He squatted in front of her and straightened her skirt despite it not needing it. His eyes met hers as he slid his hands to her knees and brushed his fingertips across them.

    With a delicious shudder, she remembered her list. Being seduced on a plane was something she’d always dreamed of. Could the vacation be beginning before she even arrived at the resort? How absolutely yummy.

    Nathan knelt at her side and ran his tongue up her neck.

    She let a groan escape her lips. “I didn’t think my fantasies started until I got to the island.”

    “Well,” he said, tracing his fingers up and down her arm. “Normally it doesn’t. It’s just that Hunter and I saw you in the waiting area and knew we had to have you today, on this plane.” He circled his fingertips over her padded bra. “I want to see you without this thing.”

    “Um, okay, but I’m sort of flat chested,” Erica said, trying to ignore her anxiety.

    “I like slender women. Can I help you take it off?”

    She nodded, struggling to keep up with her overcharged senses as he slipped off the straps of her dress and let the soft fabric drop to her hips. With an experienced flick of his hands, her bra was removed and tossed onto the floor, leaving her bare from the waist up.

    “I love them,” he said, his voice low, his fingers circling, but not quite touching her nipples. He pressed his warm, luscious lips against her neck, her shoulder, her breast, his kiss arousing her, and filling her with an uncontrollable yearning.


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Turned On - ebook

Turned On - ebook

Erica learns to unleash her wild, sexy side on an erotic fantasy vacation.

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