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Noella's Gift - ebook View larger

Noella's Gift - ebook

A disillusioned cop, and a bitter woman. Can a little girl take the bah-humbug out of their holiday? 

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    Holly Harper has hated Christmas for years. The season full of commercialism has left her feeling cold and bitter. When she finds a little girl freezing and alone she feels warmth spark in her heart. She's determined to keep the child until Christmas is over. 

    Jaxon Cole is a police detective whose Christmas spirit left a long time ago. He knows the season brings an increase in drunk driving accidents and suicides.  But when a dark haired woman shows up in his office with a little waif in tow he sees that there is some good in the holiday. 

    Will they find joy in the season or will their hearts be as cold as the winter winds?




    “Look!” he heard Noella shout.

    Both he and Holly went to see what was wrong. The snow was falling heavier and piling up quick. He heard Holly groan but when he peered down at the little girl he swore she had a small grin on her lips.

    Holly had moved over to the window staring out, her shoulders sagging. She turned to face him. “I guess you leaving is out of the question.” There was a pleading note to her voice.

    He shook his head slowly. “I’m sorry to disappoint you but even I’m not that experienced a driver.”

    He was sure she muttered crap beneath her breath but as she left the room and headed back to the kitchen he once more looked down on Noella who was now smiling brightly. He shook his head and followed behind Holly. “I’m sorry. I can’t call for a cab because they wouldn’t send one out. Besides the phone lines seem to be down.”

    She nodded, still not looking at him.

    “You don’t like me, do you?”

    She didn’t say anything for a minute. “What makes you think that? Just because I’m less than thrilled to have not one but two strangers in my house?”

    Her attitude rankled him. “If you didn’t want her you could’ve left her at the station with me and you wouldn’t be saddled with either of us.”

    She spun on her heel. “What makes you think I wanted to give up that little girl?” She got quiet suddenly and dropped her eyes to the floor.

    “So it’s just me you object to?” Jax asked more gently.

    She nodded, and then shook her head. “I’m just used to being alone here. Understand? I never, never, invite people here. I only go out when it’s absolutely necessary.”


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Noella's Gift - ebook

Noella's Gift - ebook

A disillusioned cop, and a bitter woman. Can a little girl take the bah-humbug out of their holiday? 

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