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Shadowed Pursuit - ebook View larger

Shadowed Pursuit - ebook

Amnesia victim, Madison Murphy, seeks to regain her memory, but an unsavory stranger holds the key.

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    An amnesia victim is desperate to regain her memory. Should she trust the man with a skull and crossbones tattooed on his shaved head, or should she rely on her instincts to save herself from those trying to kill her?



    A series of stills flashes before Maddie’s eyes. The face of the beast bearing down on her is grotesque with its bared teeth and snarling fury. Free-flowing moisture drips from her hands’ protective shield onto her new T-shirt. Strange she should think of her recent purchase when her legs are crumpling beneath her.

    Maddie shivered in fear and peered through slitted eyes. Surprised by her narrowed vision, she struggled to clear her senses and escape the mist blocking coherent thought. Frantic, she looked around, raising her hand to examine the item pinching her left index finger. The task proved beyond her capability. She glanced down to check the cause and noted, to her dismay, both wrists were strapped to the steel side rails of a bed. Her hands were swaddled in bandaging; only her left thumb and index finger remained free. Recognizing the pulse oximeter and its function to measure blood oxygen levels, she didn’t know why she lay helpless in some kind of medical facility. She trembled. Where am I?

    Partially open white and green curtains hung from a curved overhead rod and circumscribed the area in which she lay. A cacophony of bleeps, buzzers, and moans drilled into her brain. Suddenly a flash of color shot into the draped opening. It stopped with startling agility, backed into full view and entered her room. “Oh, you’re awake. Good.”

    Staring down at her stood a fantasy of multi-colored flowers, each bloom seeming to compete for space on the fabric of the scrubs. The long name on the woman’s identification pin wasn’t easy to read in such a hazy state, but Recovery Room Nurse and the name Annie were strong possibilities.


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Shadowed Pursuit - ebook

Shadowed Pursuit - ebook

Amnesia victim, Madison Murphy, seeks to regain her memory, but an unsavory stranger holds the key.

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