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Highland Captive - ebook View larger

Highland Captive - ebook

Can a captive escape when love claims her heart?

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    English-born Lady Alera of Arundrydge is a procrastinating defender and nurturer with a secret gift. She wishes to avenge crimes against her family and find her father, who is missing and presumed dead. When a nefarious uncle hands her over to Viking slavers, she escapes only to be caught by a big, sexy barbarian, whose touch ignites passion.

    Laird Duncan Ranald has good reason to hate all things English. They nearly wiped out his clan. Discovering the luscious beauty who washed up on his shore and stoked his lust is English, he decides to keep her as his leaman for a little revenge.

    Realizing she’s his soul mate, Duncan decides to wed her, but Alera won’t cooperate. Escaping Duncan becomes nearly impossible for Alera as she helps his clan and he creeps into her heart. But if she stays, how will vengeance be had and what will become of her father?



    Duncan felt the shivers flowing through her body. “Damn it all, lass, you’ll catch a chill and die if we do not get you warmed.”

    He cradled her in of his arms and carried her to the pelt. With great care, he couched her upon the soft fur and removed her wet shift. Then he doffed his plaid and lay full length upon her, sending the heat of his hot body into her freezing bones. Her soft bouquet flamed his desires. He kissed her eyelids and tasted salty tears.

    “What is this power you have over me, Duncan?” she asked in a half-baffled, half-resigned voice.

    Duncan caressed her delicate jaw. “Ah, Alera, do you not yet know? You are the one with the power.”

    His mouth possessed hers in a voracious plundering. Her body yielded to the primal appetite he evoked within her. His heated flesh penetrated her, and the fire she had sought enflamed her body until she was caught up in a searing rapture. 


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Highland Captive - ebook

Highland Captive - ebook

Can a captive escape when love claims her heart?

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