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Grace Under Fire - ebook View larger

Grace Under Fire - ebook

Amazing Grace, 1

The sky is on fire and Grace must bust the only man who can fix it out of a mental institution

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    Grace McKenna wakes up to find the world in danger – the sky is on fire and the only man who knows how the global satellite system works is languishing in a mental institute. Sent by the director of Global Solutions, she discovers a man largely forgotten by society, a man whose powers intrigue her.

    Breaking Benedict Thomas out of the institute might be as crazy as he’s alleged to be, but someone is lying and Grace is determined to find out whom. Especially since those lies have put the entire world in danger…



    “God,” I breathed. “Are we too late?”

    “It’s close to critical,” Benedict said. “We need to get to Sybaris Tower immediately.”

    I looked out at the shimmering tarmac and pulled a face. “Well, that’s not going to be very pleasant. I should have brought sun screen.”

    “It wouldn’t have helped.” He scrubbed a hand through his hair. “Come on.”

    He set off and I had little choice but to trail after him. My trainers stuck at each step; it was like walking on molasses. Sweat crawled down my back and gathered in my cleavage. My hair was plastered to my forehead and neck. Never more had I wanted a shower. A very long shower. We didn’t talk. Benedict was clearly deep in thought and I… well, making small talk with the criminally insane wasn’t part of my repertoire. Plus all my energy was being spent on putting one foot in front of the other—the intense heat was like a weight that pulled at my shoulders, and the dry, smoke-filled air made my chest tight—which made doing anything a struggle.

    Nothing and no one moved on the streets, though a couple of curtains twitched as we passed the houses. The lack of activity was creepy, as if the entire world had shut itself inside to wait for the inevitable. As we ploughed on, I felt less and less hopeful about forestalling that inevitability.

    Rounding a street corner, I heard the crackle increase. I glanced up. A house was on fire, the occupants screaming in the garden. There was no sign of a fire engine, though what good it would do I had no idea. All dousing the fire would achieve was a brief respite. My steps slowed, my eyes on the smoke billowing from the upper windows. Was anyone still inside?

    A tight grip circled my arm just above the elbow. “There’s nothing you can do,” Benedict told me softly as he pulled me back from getting involved. “Not for them.”

    I would have cried, but my eyes were too dry. Benedict led me away, gentle but relentless. I tried not to listen to the shouts and screams, tried to tune out the grief, but it wasn’t possible. He caught me again as I stumbled.

    “We’re almost at critical,” he said. “We have to get to GS. It’s the only way to stop this and even then…”

    He didn’t need to finish—I already knew that for some salvation would come too late. The thought nearly crippled me, but more people relied on me succeeding and I couldn’t give up.

    “If you did do this, I will kill you,” I warned him. “Proving a point isn’t worth all this.”


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Grace Under Fire - ebook

Grace Under Fire - ebook

The sky is on fire and Grace must bust the only man who can fix it out of a mental institution

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